Apple’s groundbreaking ‘polishing cloth’ is backordered until November

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Apple fans know true innovation when they see it.

The early adopters who snapped up Apple’s awe-inspiring $19 “Polishing Cloth” made that clear Monday, buying out whatever immediate supply of the product Apple had in stock.

A visit to the company’s store on Monday, when the product was first announced, showed orders of the stunning towelette were going to be delivered to Bay Area area codes between Oct. 26 and Oct. 28. Merely a day later, that delivery window has already been pushed back more than three weeks. The new window is Nov. 18 to Nov. 24.

For the tragically unaware, Apple describes its latest creation as a poet would a spring day: “Made with soft, nonabrasive material, the Polishing Cloth cleans any Apple display, including nano-texture glass, safely and effectively.”

Oh yeah, and you’d better believe in-store pickup is also unavailable as of the time of this writing.


Credit: screenshot: apple

Honestly, it makes sense. The thing is a beauty to behold in its digital form… we can’t imagine what it feels like to caress… to rub against one’s cheek while cradling the latest iPhone… as third generation AirPods (be still, my beating heart!) whisper sweet nothings into the Apple believer’s ears.

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But that is for the true Apple fans to know, and the rest of us to only wonder — at least until November.

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