Do You Love Fantasy?

This Month In Writing, we celebrate the fantasy genre by sharing our favorite works.Source: Netflix; Edited by Justin Cox

I love fantasy novels. Swords and magic make for exciting storytelling. Plus, fantasy stories open infinite new possibilities for new ideas.

Writers of fantasy require great imagination to create and build exciting new worlds for readers to explore and get lost within. At the same time, these worlds are grounded and accessible. It’s a tricky balance between engaging the reader and losing them altogether.

I was lost while reading Andrzej Sapkowski’s series of Witcher novels. I tried, but the anecdotal storytelling and time jumps were challenging to grasp. Still, I love the world I first entered through video games and then Netflix.

Do you love the genre? Hit reply and share some of your favorite fantasy works. I’ll share what people suggest in a future newsletter.

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Jessica’s Editor’s Picks for February:

Your Freelance Writing Clients Want You To Charge More by Steven Toews, JD, MBA

How to Keep the Promise of the Premise for Your Story by Nihan Kucukural

How to Keep Writing When You’ve Hit Rock Bottom by Philip S. Naudus

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