Learn From Jerry Seinfeld

📝 This Week’s Goal: Cut out distractions and develop a writing streak.

It’s no mistaking my love of Jerry Seinfeld. One of the first stories I published on Medium, From Seinfeld to Snapchat, was picked up by Backchannel and then acquired by Wired. Seinfeld’s career is marked with tremendous success and provides incredible insight into a working writer. While he hasn’t accepted an interview request for Write Now (yet), we can glean a lot of information from other interviews.

Seinfeld is famous for his writing calendar. Each day he writes something, he places an ‘x’ on the calendar. The goal is developing a writing streak, filling the calendar with x’s. Christopher Kokoski shares that Seinfeld’s other rule for writing success is removing distractions from the writing space. This is a lot easier to do when, like Seinfeld, you write on yellow legal pads and not internet-connected devices.

My office is filled with distractions and my calendar is currently not full of x’s, though these are things to strive for. There is a lot we can learn from Jerry Seinfeld.

💬 What is one way you can limit distractions in your writing environment?

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  • February 18, 2021
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