Person Online Asked “What Culinary Hill Are You Willing To Die On?”, 40 People Delivered

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It’s bizarre to think that if you’re, hypothetically speaking, forced to do something for all eternity, you’d wager it would be something that is also eternally painful or dull or, simply put, anything but pleasant. Well, eating is one thing we’re “doomed” to do for all eternity and so far most of us quite like it.

So much, in fact, that some even form very strong opinions about food, cuisine, and everything in between. And there’s been an AskReddit post about it, with thousands of people sharing their culinary hills they’d die on.

Bored Panda has collected some of the best opinions from the now-viral post, which currently clocks in at nearly 27,000 upvotes, 29,000 comments and 60 Reddit awards. Scroll down to check them out, and while you’re at it, vote on the ones you like and comment your strong opinions in the comment section below!

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#1Only edible items should be plated. Garnishes should be edible, Hate it when I see rocks and sticks on a plate. Fight Me.

Image credits: inter-dimensional

#2Being poor isn’t a culinary crime. It takes talent to make cheap food taste as good as my mom did.

Image credits: urbancowgirl42

#3When you’re baking from an online recipe, don’t change three or four ingredients “to make it healthy” and then leave a one star review about how bad it is.

Image credits: cliff99

#4if you are writing a recipe, write a recipe. Not an autobiography

Image credits: lickety_split_69

#5Putting gold leaf on food is f**king stupid.

Image credits: HeinrichLK


Image credits: moanahere

#7A burger should fit in your mouth and shouldn’t require a stick to hold it together or cutlery to eat it.

Image credits: Jimboberelli

#8Life is too short to not use butter.

Image credits: jasontronic

#9Being snobby about food to the point where you’re hindering someone else’s enjoyment is not a positive personality trait.

Image credits: swordcowboy

#10If you think it’s enough garlic, it’s probably not enough garlic.

Image credits: poisonpurple

#11Homemade chili is almost always better the next day.

Image credits: burritokiller1971

#12That cheap bag of frozen peas and diced carrots you get at the grocery store is an outstandingly versatile source of nutrition. And tasty too.

Image credits: UncleIrohsPimpHand

#13Grilling on charcoal taste way better than propane, Hank Hill is an idiot

Image credits: Cuss-Mustard

#14This is actually something I’m willing to pass on


If you cook it right, you kill all the bacteria you’re “washing”. All you’re doing is spreading the germs all over your kitchen sink.

Image credits: FritztheChef

#15We need to make burgers wider not taller

Image credits: John_Lives


Image credits: andre3kthegiant

#17Cereal first and then milk

Image credits: myAOLsn

#18Pasta water must be salted

Image credits: SneakiestSquidAlive

#19The most expensive food isn’t always the “best” food. No, I’m not impressed by a $200 slice of pizza with it’s price driven up with truffle and gold flake.

Bonus: cereal or crushed Oreos on a donut isn’t revolutionary.

Image credits: RenzoGee

#20That fondant is Play doh with sugar.

Image credits: Argyleskin

#21If it tastes good it tastes good

Image credits: Danielwols

#22A quality knife can replace 90% of your kitchen gadgets

Image credits: xCp3

#23We need to stop letting people put raisins where they don’t belong…. It’s getting out of hand.

Image credits: Commercial_Suit_9440

#24instant ramen is delicious

Image credits: TiredSkylar

#25I like dipping my sushi rolls and sashimi in a soy sauce and wasabi mixture and I don’t care if it goes against proper sushi etiquette. It tastes good.

Image credits: scrodytheroadie

#26Worcestershire sauce can work magic.

Image credits: dberis

#27All food is fusion. No dish is above adoption or adaptation.

Image credits: jackatman

#28I live in the Midwest, I love the Midwest but just because you call something a salad does not mean it is healthy and an acceptable side dish to your main course. Snicker-marshmallow-mayo-whatever is not salad.

Image credits: ArachnesChallenge

#29I don’t want to hear that you’re bad at cooking if you don’t follow a recipe or measure your ingredients. You can get so far by just reading and actually do it what it says.

Image credits: beckisnotmyname

#30There’s no such thing as a “dry” brine. By definition, brines are liquid based. A salt-based dry rub is a cure. Brines are also a type of cure, but they are liquid based. All brines are cures, but not all cures are brines.

Image credits: wzl46

#31Learning how to cut an onion is the first lesson in the cooking world

Image credits: lemursteamer

#32The moment something gets hyped as a superfood, I’m out.

To clarify, “superfood” is a buzzword that cues bulls**t incoming and rising prices. The author loses all credibility. It’s the point where I stop reading and close the window. Might look up the stats for the food afterward from an actual resource such as a university’s nutrition summary.

Image credits: doublestitch

#33Season your tomatoes, especially for sandwiches.

Image credits: shaddowkhan

#34Baked donuts are not donuts. Donuts must be fried. Baked donuts are just small cakes, which are delicious but NOT DONUTS

to clarify the exact type of donut imposter I am raging against

Image credits: pineapple_cyclone

#35Peanut butter is a fantastic savoury ingredient with a shockingly enormous range of applications.

Image credits: BigmanCee93

#36Use salt dammit

Image credits: Inner-Possible5533

#37Often doing things “the right way” or “from scratch” just isn’t worth it. There are plenty of shortcuts that give you 90% of the result with 50% of the effort. I’ll take those shortcuts just about every time.

Image credits: Annhl8rX

#38MSG is amazing

Image credits: Snatch_Liquor

#39People who hate cooking with stainless steel don’t know how to cook with stainless steel.#40If you can’t drink it through a straw it’s not a milkshake.

Image credits: Recdrumz

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