Which ‘The Wilds’ Character You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Like Toni, you’re a total tomboy. You’re active, adventurous, and spontaneous. Unfortunately, you have some unresolved anger issues. You’re used to other people screwing you over, so you expect the worst from them. Although you come across as aggressive when people first meet you, you secretly have a soft, sweet, vulnerable side. You would do anything for the people you care about the most.



Like Martha, you’re an animal lover. You care about pets more than people because you know they’re never going to hurt you. Although you’ve suffered through some incredibly tough times, your past hasn’t hardened you. Despite the pain you’ve endured, you still have a soft heart and would do anything for anyone. Although you dislike change and struggle to come out of your shell, you’re trying. You always put in plenty of effort.



Like Rachel, you’re a self-starter with huge dreams that some people consider unobtainable. However, you’re a realist. You understand you have to put energy into your work in order to excel, so you never allow yourself to slack. You constantly find new ways to stay motivated. You put in effort every single day. Unfortunately, sometimes you burn yourself out in the process.



Like Shelby, your faith is unshakable. You can find the silver lining in any scenario. You’re a natural-born optimist who always encourages others and gives pep talks in order to keep hope alive. However, although you come across as sweet and innocent, you have a dark past and plenty of secrets you keep close to your chest.



Like Dot, you’re responsible, dependable, and wise beyond your years. Everyone looks to you for guidance. They consider you the leader. They assume you have all the answers. Since you’ve been taking care of yourself from a young age, you don’t really mind the extra responsibilities. You’re tough enough to take care of yourself — and everyone else.



Like Gretchen, you’re a workaholic. You pride yourself on your inner strength and intelligence. Your ambition is unmatched. However, you’re so obsessed with the idea of making something of yourself that it can cloud your judgment. Your drive to succeed can make it difficult to choose between right and wrong.



You’re a natural beauty with an impeccable fashion sense. You’re also a social butterfly who shamelessly flirts with almost everyone you meet. Some people might call you promiscuous, but you wear the title proudly. Unfortunately, strangers commonly misjudge you based on your appearance. They have no idea what you’ve been through in the past.



Like Jeanette, you’re an optimist who loves to have fun. You always have a smile on your face and could talk for hours about pop culture. Since you have such a sunny, carefree persona, no one can tell when you’re suffering. You wear a mask in order to trick people into thinking you’re okay.



Like Rachel, you’re highly competitive. You know what you want and aren’t afraid to chase after your wildest dreams. However, you feel constant pressure to impress everyone around you. You always want to come across as strong and confident. You might act like you couldn’t care less about anyone else’s opinion, but you are secretly terrified of anyone thinking you’re weak.



Like Leah, you’re a loner who can take care of yourself. Some people consider you an old soul because you would rather spend your time reading and writing than socializing with people your own age. Although you’re intelligent, broody, and tend to get lost in your thoughts, you’re not immune to making bad decisions. You have a tendency to fall for the wrong people.



Like Nora, you’re creative. You have an impressive amount of artistic talent and can easily make something out of nothing. However, you’re also quiet and reserved. You would rather listen to someone else speak than do the talking yourself. You have a hard time fitting in with others because you’re undeniably unique.



Like Dot, you come across as tough and confident. Everyone assumes you’re doing well because you know how to take care of yourself. However, most people don’t realize the reason why you’re so independent is that you’ve had to take care of yourself from a young age. You were forced to mature before you were ready. TC mark

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  • December 26, 2020
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