30 Creepy Times There Was A Glitch In The Matrix (That Will Make You Feel Like We’re Living In A Simulation)

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1. I died. I saw it, I lived it. Either it was another world with a version of me that died I saw or I’m going crazy but I DIED.

We had a pep rally in school and after it was finished we had to go back to class. Well, my friend and I were not into that, so we wanted to to go across the street to Sonic. Across the school there is not heavy traffic, but if you don’t pay attention you could get hit.

Well I remember walking with him and he dropped something so I went across the street first. I just saw a red Tahoe heading right for me and I got hit.

I remember everything. I remember gasping for air, I remember waking up and sleeping again. Then nothing. All of a sudden I was back in the stadium again and the EXACT SAME WORDS came out of the principal’s mouth. My friend wanted to go get Sonic but I was freaking out. Was asking him everything.

I thought it had to be a dream, so I went with him just to see what would happen. He dropped his stuff again and I waited. To my horror, that same red Tahoe showed up. I told him that I’m going back to school, I ain’t dying again.

I can still see the other version of me on that street just messed up. Not even moving.

2. This happened around 1991. It’s the middle of the night. I’m standing in my sister’s living room and it must be a full moon, because even though it’s around 1am and the lights are off, I can see clearly. There’s a mixing bowl with popcorn kernels in the bottom on the floor in front of the TV and some rental VHS in a pile nearby. I hear a noise and turn around to see my sister’s normally very friendly Labrador Retriever looking like Cujo. Fangs bared, snarling, hackles raised. Suddenly there’s a bright flash of light and I wake up like I hit the bed from a great height. I think, “That was a weird dream.” Eventually, I fall back to sleep and in the morning I call my sister, planning to tell her the story, but she preempts me by telling me about the weird thing that happened in the night.

They woke up to the sound of the dog snarling at about 1am. Her husband thought there was a prowler in the house, got a gun and went to find the dog. She was standing in the living room snarling at the middle of the room. He couldn’t see anyone, so he flipped on the light. No one was there, the dog instantly stopped snarling and walked to her bed like nothing had happened. He checked the property and went back to bed.

We talked a bit and I found out they watched some rental movies and, “Of course we had popcorn, why?” My sister is a little woowoo at times, so I decided not to tell her about my night. She lived about 450 miles away by the way.

3. In college, I took a hard news/soft news journalism class where one of the assignments was to write an obituary for one of my grandparents. The professor told us to write it on a deceased grandparent, but if all of your grandparents were still alive we had to choose one. In my case, all of my grandparents were alive. I procrastinated actually doing the assignment until the night before it was due because it seemed like a morbid assignment (especially since all of my grandparents were still alive).

Scramming for an easy grandparent to write about, I gave my mom a call and asked her for some basic biographical information about my maternal grandfather. As we were talking about my grandpa’s career, my mom couldn’t recall the name of one of the companies he worked at. She lectured me about waiting until the last minute to write the assignment because it was late — 10:30pm my grandpa’s time. However, she said she would give him a call to see if he was still awake and be able to answer that question once my assignment was due the following morning.

When my mom called my grandpa, my grandma answered the phone in a panic. My grandma frantically explained that the paramedics had just arrived and were performing CPR on my grandpa because he had stopped breathing and lost consciousness. My mom was able to stay on the phone with my grandma until they took my grandpa to the hospital, where he was declared dead.

In the time my mom and I had been talking on the phone about my grandpa’s “obituary,” he was dying. (His death was entirely unexpected at that. Although he was in his eighties, he was the healthiest of my grandparents at the time.) We ended up using the obituary I wrote for that writing assignment as his actual obituary. Still freaks me out when I think about the timing.

4. About two years ago, I went to collect my husband from the ferry after work. My husband got into the car and as I was driving very slowly out of the car park we both noticed two people standing a few meters in front of our car. It looked as though they were strangers, older looking professionals, both walking to their separate cars in different areas of the car park. The man was reaching into his side bag and the lady was further ahead than the man, with her head turned to the right.

I know the exact positions they were in because they were completely frozen on the spot! My husband and I sat there watching the frozen strangers, not saying anything to each other and then all of a sudden it was like someone pressed play and the two strangers just continued on like nothing had happened. My husband and I promised to each other that we would never forget how weird the experience was. I can’t remember exactly how long they stayed frozen like that but it was long enough to freak us both out!

5. I was driving about 50 mph, and a car ran a stop sign on an on ramp and pulled out right in front of me. I remember bracing for impact and then I was about 300 yards down the highway and I saw the car at the ramp in my rearview, just about to pull out.

6. I was about 12 years old, and woke up in the middle of the night needing to take a leak.

I walked across the hall to the little bathroom, hit the lights, and was about to reach for the toilet when I glanced up and saw a face in the mirror.

It was not my face.

It was as if someone was on the other side, standing to the right, with their face right next to the glass, staring at me. I only saw it for the briefest moment, but it is seared into my brain.

I screamed, and ran out of there to find my Dad. Of course, my dad investigated, then calmed me down, or tried to. Eventually we had a prayer session, because I was so freaked out. Eventually I must have gone back to sleep…

Fast forward to my 30s. I’d forgotten all about the event. One night while visiting, my dad quietly brings it up. “Remember that one time you saw a face in the mirror…” It suddenly came back to me in a rush of memory, sending a chill down my spine. “Yea, I remember”

“Well…” he said, “I sometimes think about that night.” He looked down at the floor, with a serious expression. “I saw it too.”

He went on to describe exactly what I’d seen. We have no idea what that was. Apparently when he investigated, he saw it and had a freak out of his own. Apparently the prayer session was as much for his own nerves as mine.

I respect him for keeping that tidbit from me till my thirties, but I kinda wish he’d never told me.

7. Fell asleep in a tent in the wilderness, woke up back home in a city 20 miles away.

8. I had a very important document that I only ever kept in one place. I kept it in the top drawer of a small filing cabinet. I never moved it and would always see it in that drawer whenever I opened it for whatever reason. The day came that I needed it now and I didn’t sweat it because I knew exactly where it was. Well, I be damned if it wasn’t there. Cue panic attack.

I tore that filing cabinet up. I removed everything and spread it out, flipped papers over, dug through envelopes, shook everything out, shined a flashlight all through the emptied cabinet in case it was somehow stuck to the sides… I mean, it was not there!

I can assure you no one took it or was messing with me. I was so frustrated. I even looked through other parts of my house… but I knew it wouldn’t be in any of those places and it wasn’t. I was intermittently going back to that dumb filing cabinet. No luck.

Super irritated, I searched the rest of the house again and, on my way back downstairs where my filing cabinet was, I called out in frustration, “Okay! Bring it back!!!” I don’t know who I thought I was talking to because I was alone, but you guessed it… I found it in the top drawer of my filing cabinet where it should have been in the first place.

I was relieved and totally freaked out.

9. When the song “The Final Countdown” was released in the 80s, I already knew it. It was brand new, just released, but I knew the tune and the words and could sing the whole thing beginning to end. I believed for a while that it was a cover version, but it wasn’t.

10. 1985. My ex wife and I were sleeping. There was a small sliver of light coming in through the window from a streetlight, so the room and bed were dimly visible. Our black Pomeranian was at the end of the bed asleep.

I dreamt that I woke up, reached down to pet him, and he turned into a glossy black bivalve/oyster thing which opened up to reveal rows of gleaming glass teeth. I woke up to my ex backpedalling up the bed over the pillows towards the wall.

I asked, What’s wrong??” She said, “What is that shiny black clam thing with the teeth at the end of the bed?? Where’s the dog?”

We had had the same nightmare at the same time. This still gives me a chill.

11. When I played baseball as a kid, they were handing out the trophies at the end of the season. They called out the names of the kids while we received our trophies. There happened to be a kid with the same name as me. We met after the ceremony because it was weird since our last name isn’t a very common one. We had the same birthday and everything. We looked alike, both our Dad’s were named Derek and both of our sisters were named Lilly. As a kid, I found it cool. As an adult, I find it cool and also disturbing

12. I was working on my motorcycle in a dirt lot where I had crashed it trying to do a sick drift, breaking off the clutch lever and the gear shifter. I had brought a wrench set with me and I was using one of them to take off a bolt when I put it down on the ground to finish unscrewing the bolt with my hand. Two minutes later I went to pick it back up and it was gone. I ran all around this dirt lot looking for it to no avail, luckily I had a spare in the car. Fixed the bike and drove back to my apartment to shower as I was filthy. I walked in my room and sitting on my desk was the wrench. I was dumbfounded.

13. I once clocked out of work at 6pm (like I always did at the time) and began my hour long train ride home.

After I had found a seat, I went to sleep and woke up just before my station. From the station, it is a short bus journey (10-15 minutes) to reach home.

During the entire journey, I didn’t use my phone and I don’t wear a watch so I didn’t really notice the time anywhere.

When I reached home, my family surprised me with, “You’re home early, everything alright?” I look at the wall-clock and it is about to be 6pm. I was too shocked to understand what happened. Checked other watches, cellphones etc and the time is absolutely right.

A few days later, the admin emailed us the timesheets for the month (times clocking in and out), and every single days for me was around the same 6pm. So it certainly wasn’t me having left work earlier.

To this date, I haven’t figured out how I gained between 60-90 minutes that day.

14. After my little brother was murdered the next morning I was talking with a friend and he mentioned this other dude I went to high school with’s younger brother had died in a car accident a couple weeks before.

Later that day I pull out a slip of paper with this other dude’s number and name on it from my pants. I vaguely remember running into him a year or so before this at a club where he gave me his number.

I swear I had worn and washed these jeans at least a dozen times since I had run into this dude. I still makes no sense how that paper was there and I only found it then.

I call the dude and we talked a bunch. It really help me deal with the situation.

15. Ok my sister and I were playing the age old game of “Get the fuck out of my room.” If you’ve never played it before, all you do is try to get the intruder out. I managed to get her outside the door, but she was trying to push it open while I was attempting to close it. Suddenly, I slam it shut, meaning I won. I turn around and there is my very confused sister wondering how she ended up back in my room. In her confusion, I managed to get her back out.

16. Taking the trash out at night, super remote area so I know for a fact we’re the only ones around here, getting close to the road and I hear very clearly “help me” from a female voice. Even knowing there’s such a slim chance of there being another living person around, I still feel like I should look around and check it out in case I wasn’t just hearing things and someone actually needs help. Take about two steps in the direction I thought I heard it, hear a giggle in the same exact voice, turn around and walk promptly back up the driveway because fuck that shit. Anyone who actually needed help wouldn’t be laughing, I don’t think.

17. My friend Sarah was in a nightclub, drunk off her face, when she got an overwhelming urge to tell a total stranger that her leg hurts (it didn’t). All a bit strange, she ignores it but it doesn’t stop so she walks up to this guy and says, “I know this is crazy but I’ve got a huge urge to tell you my leg hurts. I know that’s crazy, again! Sorry!”

But he bursts into tears. Turns out his dad had just died and they made a pact before that if there was an afterlife he would get a message to him saying a totally random phrase, so there could be no mistakes, which they decided was “I’ve hurt my leg.”

18. In October 2018, I developed tendinitis in my hand, so I went to see a hand specialist at my regular hospital. I remember the hand specialist really clearly. She was a really happy, talkative Vietnamese woman with straight, dark brown hair and glasses. She had a German-sounding last name, which I assumed was her married name. She was really really nice and we had a long conversation about a medical conference that she goes to. She explained that my hand issues (caused by phone usage) were the “hot topic” of the conference and that she’d probably use my injury as an example when she goes there.

Anyway, she gave me care instructions and sent me home. I was told to return if it didn’t resolve in a few weeks because then I’d need to be reexamined and sent to physical therapy.

It didn’t resolve and I went back. I had an appointment with the same doctor, but the woman who came into the room was completely different. She was a white woman with light brown hair, no glasses, completely different face shape, really dull and unwelcoming disposition. I was so fucking confused. I asked her her name, and she gave the same name the Asian doctor had. I asked if there was another doctor by that name and she told me no, it was only her. I described the doctor I had seen and she got annoyed and said she didn’t know who I was talking about.

I later went online to the hospital’s staff directory and tried to find the Asian doctor — I couldn’t. I have no idea what happened to her. I even checked my medical records to see if maybe I remembered her name incorrectly but I didn’t. Both of my visits have the same doctor’s name on them. I’ve always been confused about this and it really bothers me that I met someone who doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

19. A total of 3 times in my life I have had memories of seeing movies/movie trailers that hadn’t been made yet. It’s not even a feeling of Deja vu, it’s a clear vivid memory of seeing the movie before.

20. I am 100% sure I vividly remember a dog that apparently doesn’t exist. When I was 16 we lived on the other side of the province and my uncle had this little Jack Russell named Crue. Crue went missing for several months and then turned up at a humane society over an hour away and we were all shocked this little dog has made it so far.

Anyway that was almost 20 years ago and the other day I was talking to my parents and was like you know, “Whenever I hear about Jack Russells I think about Crue and that stunt he pulled,” and they had no idea what I was talking about. Insisted my uncle had never had such a dog, I must have dreamed it, etc. Honestly anyone else who would have remembered this dog has been dead for a long time and I don’t even have any pictures of my uncle. I have absolutely no way to prove this dog existed but I’m sure that he did.

21. I think most of the people here have experienced the “something falls down and seemingly disappears” thing, but the exact opposite happened to me a couple of months ago.

Basically me and a bunch of friends were standing in a circle in our school’s hallway, when suddenly we heard something fall. We all simultaneously looked at the floor, and there was a small, silver, foreign coin (Swiss I think) just laying there. I picked it up and asked if any of them had dropped it, and they all denied. I looked around and there was nowhere it could’ve come from, and the hallway was empty, so there was no one who could’ve thrown it.

Later we joked, that someone in Switzerland probably dropped it, and is now frantically looking for it.

22. I had just pulled into the parking lot of where I worked and was walking towards the building. It was like 3 in the afternoon, broad daylight.

All of a sudden, I heard an ambulance’s siren start sounding. Naturally, I looked down the road to try and see the ambulance. I see it approaching and decided to watch it for a bit. It was quickly getting closer, and it was about to pass right by me. However, there was a large SUV waiting to turn out of the parking lot and onto the road, blocking a few meters of the road from my view. The ambulance passed behind the SUV, probably about 50 feet away from me at most, and I vividly remember the siren becoming completely silent in that instant. The ambulance had vanished entirely as it passed behind that SUV.

I was so confused. The road did not have many cars on it at the time, and it was broad daylight. I did a triple-take and made sure that I didn’t just miss it. I had a clear view of the road going both directions, and there was no more ambulance to be seen. No more siren either. I walked up and down the road, trying to find it for a solid minute. But nope, it was gone. I was well rested, not on drugs, and I didn’t have a history of hallucinations. It seems dismissible, but I was completely aware of what happened, and I can’t explain it to this day.

23. I was walking my dog and I was almost to the driveway when I looked down for some reason and I looked back up and I ended up being back at the road about 6 blocks away from where I thought I was. I was so confused but my dog looked completely fine.

FYI – I don’t drink or do drugs, I’m still pretty young.

24. A friend and I went to a buddy’s house for a birthday party. Stayed up playing Halo 2 and hanging out. We all crash in the basement.

R (friend who came with me) and I got up at the same time. Not like one after each other, we both got up at the same time after being asleep for a few hours and rushed to the bathroom.

R was more athletic than me (probably still is) and beat me there. I ran upstairs, barely getting my head over the toilet before puking my guts out. R was doing the same thing in the basement. I was wearing a wooden cross my grandmother mailed me from Romania. (I’m not religious but I appreciated the gift as I had never met her at that point). Cross somehow became detached from the cord, fell on the tile and broke into two pieces.

So we both call our respective mothers and get picked up. By now it’s like 3-4am.

Felt sick up until we left the house. Once I was in the car and a few blocks away, felt perfectly fine.

R reported the same thing to me that day over MSN Messenger. Felt perfectly fine after a few blocks.

Got the pictures developed a few weeks later. Theres a picture of us on the couch rocking some Halo and the whole room looks like it’s filled with mist. Super spooky. I’ve been looking for the pic for a long time and I can’t seem to find it anymore, but every few years my sister and I search my mom’s photo albums for it.

25. Every night I go to bed about two hours before my husband. I always wake up when he comes into the room. One night he was gaming with a friend and it was hours later I heard him sneak into the room and crawl across the floor so he could pop up and scare me. I felt the floor kind of shake and felt him bump clumsily against the side of the bed in the dark. I held out my hand and asked him not to scare me, I was already scared enough and begged him to just take my hand and come to bed. I couldn’t see anything in the room, but knew he was there and just waited for him to jump up so I could move on and go back to sleep. That’s when I heard him talking to his friend in the other room. I was frozen. I know there’s sleep paralysis or lucid dreaming or something that explains this, but I would have sworn on my son’s life that someone had crawled across the floor and jostled the bed.

Eventually I worked out of the fear enough to grab my phone and text my husband to come in and turn on the lights and check under the bed. But holy shit, it boggles me how real it felt.

26. Removed a painting from the wall during a late evening cleaning, put it away and returned to the wall to see a never before seen painting on the same spot. Put a chill down my spine.

27. I remember being pretty young like 9 or 10 and I was the car park of a pub in England (Southend). I remember seeing someone in their teens in the window of a house looking over the car park. They waved at me and I felt like I knew them somehow. My parents asked who I was waving at and I said just some lady in the window over there. Didn’t think much of it. Fast forward 10 years. I was at my nan’s new house. I remember walking into her room (which I never was allowed to do) going to the window. I then realized I was in the house looking over that same parking lot and remembering that interaction years before. Then a girl around 9 or 10 who was in said car park waved at me and I waved back. I felt like I knew her.

Could not explain it and have never told anyone about it. It freaked me out.

28. Weird but happy. About 5 years ago in November we lost our family dog to cancer. She was the dog my children grew up with, loved by all. At the next Christmas, at the end of the day of gifts, food and family, as I was picking up, I found a tiny pewter dog figurine sitting on the mantel. I asked everyone who had been at the house that day if they left it. No one had. Okay, weird, but took it as a good omen. When my eldest went back to college at the end of that Christmas break, he asked if he could take the little figurine, to remember his dog. Of course, I said yes. A week or two later, picking up around the house, there was the figurine again! I called my son, and said, “You forgot the dog figurine!” He said, “No I didn’t, it’s right in front of me on my desk!” I had now found a second figurine!! Again, no one claimed any knowledge of it. No idea how… but I still have the two of them tucked away on a shelf to this day.

29. When I was a teenager, my family lived in a big 115 year old brick house. Plenty of creepy stuff happened but one night I was heading to bed when the door between the first floor kitchen and the basement stairs absolutely SLAMMMMMMED shut. It had a unique sound that I recognized immediately as the kitchen/basement door.

There were no windows open that could’ve caused a draft. Our dog was asleep on the second floor. I was on the second floor. My parents were both asleep in the third floor attic (had been converted to a master bedroom).

None of us could’ve shut the door.

Fucking terrified, I worked up the courage to go investigate, carrying my hilariously teeny pocket knife for protection. As I went downstairs I turned on every light.

When I reached the kitchen, the door was wide open.

Even more freaked out I ran back up to bed (leaving the lights on).

A minute or two later, I heard a definite “sssshhhh ok ok” from downstairs.

I laid in bed and was ready to accept my demise.

Eventually I somehow feel asleep and in the morning I was there first downstairs (I woke up before my parents and dog) and found that the lights were all off and the basement door had been shut again.

30. I was on vacation on Florida visiting a friend, we were walking on the beach on a perfectly sunny day when everything went black for a second. I think it was weird but explained it away thinking that my eyes were playing tricks on me until he looked at me and said, “Did everything go black for a second?” TC mark

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