94 People Share How They Realized Their Partner Is ‘The One’ And How They Got Rid Of Second Thoughts

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Relationships are tricky. Getting from Tinder to making it past the first date and then continuing into official relationship territory is a feat in itself. One that requires a lot of faith and courage, too. But if you do make it that far… how do you know if your partner is really The One? And not just a cybercriminal who took the red pill and is now on a quest to save Zion and mankind, but someone you are willing to spend the rest of your life with?

Reddit user MankersonReddit asked married women to share the moment they knew they wanted to tie the knot with their husbands, and thankfully, it got plenty of responses! Heck, even some men chipped in as well. The sweet, funny, and romantic comments paint a pretty vivid picture, showing that some people are just better suited to each other and that finding them really is worth all the hassle. Continue scrolling and check out the wholesome replies for yourself.

#1Not my story, my mom’s. She had a breast cancer scare (back in the 70’s or 80’s) and her boyfriend (my dad) said “So chop ’em off, I’ll still be here.”

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Abigail Brenner, M.D., a board-certified psychiatrist in practice for more than 30 years, says people should identify the essential qualities of a good relationship even before deciding whether their partner is the one. “Trust is an absolute,” Brenner writes. “We learn trust from our past relationships. If we’re lucky, these have been largely positive and we feel safe with those we rely on. Trust implies reliability, stability, and consistency. Being trustworthy implies openness and a willingness to be forthcoming. Things are as they are and there is no hidden agenda or deception.”

#2When she falls asleep before me and I am having trouble falling asleep, I hold her hand. I feel better almost immediately. We’ve been with each other 17 years. Tuesday was our anniversary

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The next quality the psychiatrist highlights is commitment—a promise to another to fully and intimately share ourselves and our life. To put it simply, it is a promise to commit our full attention, time, and energy, and should be reserved for only those who have proven that they are capable of sticking around for the long haul and are ready, willing, and able to share themselves with us as well.

Next, there’s respect. “Although respect is about looking back at, reflecting what has happened, its meaning is somewhat different for an intimate relationship,” Brenner says. “It’s about the mutual mirroring of emotions, feelings, and beliefs. Respect says, ‘What I see in you I hold as important as what I see in myself.'”

#3Everytime I am extremely happy or upset, I can only think of my husband to share it with! It gets hilarious when we have a fight and I turn around to him and say, “I want to talk to my best friend about the argument I just had with my husband.”

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A good relationship also needs communication. When we can freely transmit our emotions, feelings, and beliefs, we feel safe to fully express ourselves. We know there’s virtually no judgment, criticism, withholding, and anger.

This means we can be who we are. “I’m sure you’re all familiar with relationships where one partner dominates, seems to need more attention, and will manipulate to get what they need. When you’re with the right one, you’re comfortable to be yourself. You’re equal partners. While always trying to be respectful, you don’t have to walk on eggshells, to worry about your actions, or watch your words for fear that it will offend your partner,” Brenner explains. “While you and your partner may not always agree, you’re not concerned about being judged, criticized, or shamed. You can disagree and argue respectfully but you both ultimately decide to work on conflicts to arrive at a constructive solution.”


When I saw him be kind to a homeless man. He knew his name, and the man knew his

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Sharing the same or similar values is also a plus. If you both value similar principles and ideas about life and are on the same page about what you want to accomplish during your life together, you can spend time exploring what you both enjoy. If that is the case, chances are you share similar goals and a vision for the future, too.

However, Brenner points out that just like everything, relationships change. “The right one understands this and is willing to put in the work to keep the relationship satisfying. This is really the only way to handle life’s challenges together. At the same time, while you’re taking care of real business, it’s important to laugh together, even when things are very rough,” she says. So when two people know they are the one to each other, the next step is to prove it every day. Or, at the very least, try to.

#5Two weeks after my (now) husband made the decision to quit his job and move across the country for me, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I tried to send him back home because I knew it would be ugly and I didn’t want to put him through that. But he wouldn’t go. Instead he said, ‘I came here because I love you…and because I love you, I’m going to stay.
He slept in my hospital room with me after my mastectomies, learned how to give me my shots, took a night job so he could be there for my chemo appointments, and asked me to marry him when I had just a quarter inch of hair. And even when my cancer came back two years ago, he stayed. He keeps building a life with me even though neither of us knows if it will come apart at any time

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#6About two months into dating, we’d gotten to the point where we would just visit each other’s apartments randomly. He comes over to visit, but unfortunately, I was stuck on the toilet with a UTI. Honestly, I felt like I had to pee all day and just could not leave the bathroom.

I embarrassingly explained this to him through the bathroom door and he says, “No problem, hold on a minute.” He slowly opens the door with his eyes closed, a stool in one hand and his laptop in another. He sets his laptop on the sink opposite me and the stool into my shower, which was divided from the toilet by a closet (so we could both see the laptop, but not each other.)

Then he sat down and we watched Happy Feet together while I was on the toilet the whole time.

I nearly cried.

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When we sat down together on a park bench and I fell asleep on his shoulder. I usually can’t fall asleep anywhere but my own bed, and that’s when I realized I’d never been that comfortable with anyone before.

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#8We had been dating for like a week. He was house sitting and taking care of two very expensive dogs and I accidentally let them loose in the middle of the night. I was freaking out sure they were gone for good but he was like “no problem I’ll go find them”. Two hours later he came back with them and wasnt even mad. He always handles emergencies like this. 30 years later he is still a very happy and chill guy

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#9I can answer for my wife. She is sober now for 9 years. When we started dating I told her I wouldn’t drink while we were dating… then we got engaged… and now married. I still don’t drink and I don’t plan on doing it until I die. I’ve never had a drinking problem and I never needed sobriety but I made a promise and I intend to keep it!

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He looked at me so often. And he smiled whenever I looked at him

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#11My wife was my proctologist first. I remember going in for my first appointment and was just immediately embarrassed. I thought she was beautiful and she was about to look at my misbehaving anal area. I immediately got anxious and told her I had to rebook the appointment and was red as a beet.

She smiled and said no problem and I left. The itchiness and pain was too much so I went to a pharmacy and got some creams and then went home. I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I rebooked the appointment and went and paid the fee but told her I just wanted to ask her out for dinner. She said yes and I got a new proctologist. 16 years married now.

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#12Absolutely nothing. He’s himself with me. I am myself with him. We are in heaven together because we work well together. I look at him and my woes melt away. He gives me peace

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After a year of terrible blind date attempts by well-meaning and misguided friends, I was sitting in front of my future wife after just knowing her a few hours. “Now why can’t I find a girl like this?” I asked myself while I fell in love with her poofy curly hair. “Smart, funny, not full of herself?” “Oh f*ck, I just did!” We were married a year and some change later, had a kid, and were married 25 years before she passed away. Not a day goes by where I don’t miss her curly hair. I’m still finding it everywhere, and she’s been gone for over 2 years now.


After our first date, he dropped me off at my apartment and gave me an awkward kiss in which he missed half of my face because the flowers and leftovers I was holding were in the way. Well, after I walked up my three flights of stairs, I got a call. It was him, asking if I could come back down for a ‘redo kiss’ because that kiss didn’t accurately represent how good he thought the date had gone.

He then met me at the door and gave my a proper kiss, and I floated back up those stairs. I knew then that he was the one because he was as awkward as I am


When I accidentally farted horribly loud, and he lifted his leg and let out a ‘courtesy fart’ so I wouldn’t feel bad

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#16He took me to an outdoor concert when we hadn’t been dating long. It was a hot day and I was dehydrated so I passed out. He picked me up and carried me through the crowd to the first aid tent. I woke up while he was carrying me and realised that I had fallen in love with a superhero who would always be there to protect me. 5 years later he’s emigrated to another country for me and we’re happily married

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#17He had a cork on a string tied up in a doorway as a toy for his cat. It was a very cute cat that would wait outside the house for him to return from work and would follow him down the road to the shops. That cat really loved him and they are good judges of character. I figured someone who treated his cat right would treat me right. 20 years on (and on cat no3) and I have been proved right every day.

Plus he snogged like a king on our first date !

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One of the things that reaffirmed my choice that my husband is the right partner for me was that once, we were having some sort of epic argument about something totally stupid that stemmed from some annoying crossed wire communication issue or something. We had reached a lull in the fight but were still unresolved and both still upset about it, I’d been crying and I started coughing a lot. He offered to go get me a glass of water. The fact that he was willing to do something to help me, even when he was mad at me, made me totally lose my sh*t for an entirely different reason. Showing me that even when he was upset with me, he still cared for me–that just totally blew me away.

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#19My mom at the time, was a seperated mother of three (and me and my brother are twins, compounding the idiocy of male toddlers) and she had a rough time finding a guy who wanted to stick around and be a good dad.

She finally worked up the question of “Do you want to be in our stupid, crazy, chaotic family?”

My dad’s response was ” Well, someone has to teach your boys how to spit….”

They’ve been together for 21-ish years now. Married since 1999 (my stepdad had to pay for the whole divorce, he really wanted to marry my mom).

Little did she know, that dumb sense of humor would only get worse. And me and my brother are like little parrots of my dad. She deals with it all the time.

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#20We’d been living apart for several months so that I could go to medical school while he searched for a job in my new area. On a particularly intense day at school, a miserably rainy sleety day to boot, I went to take out the litter from our two cats…and the bag broke spilling litter and ossified cat dung all over the floor. I’m normally a very rational, calm person, but after the day I had, and the last few months alone, I couldn’t hold back the tears. I kept crying and crying until the only thing I could think to do was call my boyfriend.

So I called him crying, for the first and only time.

“What’s wrong?” were the first words out of his mouth.

I don’t remember what I said, but it was something along the lines of “I CAN’T RAISE THESE TWO CATS ALOOOONE” followed by sobbing and probably a few blubbered renditions of “I NEED YOU. HERE. PLEASE.”

His words were calm and matter-of-fact: “Then I’ll move down. I’ll give my notice tomorrow at work. I can be out of the apartment in 4 weeks.”

Just those three simple sentences, and I went from feeling the most alone I’d felt in my whole life, to feeling totally secure and safe, like everything was going to be okay.

He did move down 4 weeks later. We were engaged that spring, then married by Christmas. I will be with this wonderful man until the day I die.#21Husband here, just asked my wife so i can share with you.

“I already knew i loved you, but when you got up at 3AM to ride your bike for 40KM to comfort me when i had a panic attack during a sleep over… that was the moment i didn’t wnat to let go”.

That was 10 years ago btw!

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#22Not married, but engaged.

Just before I met my fiance I went through a “slut phase” as many people call it. In a span of a month I had slept with two other guys, and then my fiance. On June 14 he took me to the ER for kidney stones, and we found out I was pregnant. There was a chance the baby wasn’t his. He didn’t ridicule me. He sat by my side through it all. Laying in bed a few nights later he told me “I don’t care if I’m the father or not, this is my child and I will raise it as my child”.

Sadly, a few weeks later I miscarried. I had been bleeding and cramping for three days before I went to the doctor alone. It was a Tuesday, a very busy day for him at work. I called him when I was half way home (the doctor was an hour away) and told him the news. I was barely holding it together. I was about 3p minutes from home, and it would take him an hour to get there. He beat me home and was waiting on me when I pulled in the drive. He didn’t say anything. He let me process it and then, about thirty minutes later while we were sitting on the couch, says “This isn’t your fault. We will get through it together.”

Just the way he acted through all of that, given we had only been together nine weeks, made me realize that the love was there and that I need not let him go.

Here we are, engaged since October and expecting our first child together this summer. We both have kids from previous relationships. I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world.

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#23We dated in high school, 16 years old, and were locked at the pelvis for two years. We both openly said it was true love and planned to marry and were mocked for it and told it’s just puppy love and bla bla bla. Two weeks after graduating his parents announce they are bankrupt and destitute and leaving the state to live on his uncles land and rebuild their lives, he wasn’t 18 yet so they took him with. Before he left he reaffirmed that what we had was true love and he wasn’t giving up. He’d be 18 soon and promised me he’d be back as soon as possible.

Over the next six months I was miserable in missing him. I dealt with my family telling me he was never coming back, that it wasn’t true love and why would he come back for trailer trash (whole other story, maybe another time). I also dealt with his “friends” trying to hit on me and my friends trying to set me up with other people. At first I was resolute in that he would return, we talked often and he reassured me, but after a few months I began to waiver. The entire I felt incomplete as a person, like I wasn’t all myself without him and at almost exactly six months I was desperate and about out of hope. I was drafting a letter telling him I couldn’t take it anymore and that I “released him” and if he ever came back we’d give it another shot and so on, when he literally knocks on my front door.

It’s two days before Christmas and its pouring. He’s standing in my doorway openly weeping and smiling and we’re immediately in each others arms and I feel like I’M the one who is finally home. Turns out he sold his guitar (his baby) and anything else that was worth anything, took all that money and the money he had saved working since he left the state and bought a bus ticket. He spent 40 hours on a greyhound and hour in a cab to get to me because he couldn’t stand to be apart.

He had 650 bucks to his name, was essentially homeless, unemployed, he had turned his back on his family, sacrificed everything but the clothes on his back, just for the chance to be with me. That’s when I knew. It wasn’t even a “He’s the one” moment. Its so sappy and cliche but I am literally incomplete without him, I knew nothing would ever come between us ever again and yes we were 18 and stupid and naive and no it wasn’t all rainbows and lollipops. But we married at 21, 15 years ago, 20 years together and frankly when its right, its right.#24

We had gotten into a huge fight, and I stormed out and drove off. Well, as I was driving, I thought about people I could vent to about what happened and how I felt, and as I went through my list, I realized that the person I wanted to talk to the most was my best friend…him

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When he used to call and ask, ‘Can I come be where you are?

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We got into a fight and I realized that I wanted to go to the same person I always run to when things get stressful– him. He is hands-down my very best friend. I also realized I didn’t really feel like b*tching to anyone else about him. I didn’t want to air out our problems, I just wanted to fix them with him and be stronger because of it.

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I knew I wanted to be with him forever when I saw him playing with his children. They had come over for their weekend with him, and he said, ‘I swear I’m not ignoring you, but I missed them…’

Then he got down on the ground and played action figures, he ‘understood’ the 2-year-old’s babbles, and he even let the 6-year-old take the lead on telling stories. That’s when I realized he wasn’t just a father, he was a daddy. And I knew I wanted him to be the daddy to my children, too

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#28I didn’t have the best example of love growing up — my parents fought a lot and were never lovey-dovey. But my biological father — who I met when I was 16 — really set the standard. I remember sitting on the back patio with him and his wife when he looked at her and asked, ‘Have I told you I love you today?’ She replied, ‘No, I don’t think so.’ And he said, ‘Oh, I will. By the end of the day, I’ll let you know.’ I knew in that exact moment that I wanted the same treatment…
Sure enough, one day I was relaxing and watching a movie with my (now) husband when he said, ‘Have I told you how much I love you today?’ With tears in my eyes, I smiled and said, ‘No, not yet.’ I knew right then I didn’t want to spend my life with anyone else

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#29He wasn’t really a cat person, and is severely allergic to cats.

After he moved in, he never once asked me to get rid of the cat. His allergist even asked him, “Can you get rid of the cat?” He said no.

After a couple of years of shots, and daily suffering, he’s developed a tolerance. They adore each other now.

Also the way he’s sweet, thoughtful and affectionate in general. It wasn’t one defining moment so much as a comfortable feeling in my gut#30I just looked at his hand on my lap. And it just hit me, this is the one I’m going to be with. I felt so warm and comfortable, safe. I took a screen shot of this because I wanted to save it. You give me faith that my insecurities are just insecurities.

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#31He went on a three-day road trip with a friend and I was in abject misery the entire time. I distinctly remember wandering into my kitchen, opening the fridge for the thousandth time that day, and just staring into it thinking, “Wtf is wrong with me? Ohhhhmygod I love him.” He got back from his trip at around 1:00 am, called me, and immediately got right back in his car and drove to my house. I confessed my realization, he said, “It’s about time!” and we’ve been together ever since. That was August ’99 and we married in October ’01.

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My car broke down while I was working, and he switched cars with me, took mine straight to a mechanic, paid for it to get fixed, and was waiting at my house when I got off work a few hours later. And when I saw him, he said simply, ‘I went ahead and had the oil changed

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I was bored and restless and I didn’t want to sit at home. But I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, so he suggested we just get in the car and go for a drive. I joked about him treating me like a dog, saying, ‘Car ride?! Car ride!’ But somehow he knew exactly what I needed

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The first time he met my family, we were at a lake house. I went to take my dog out in the yard and I unknowingly walked into a massive ground bee nest with my pup. They got in my dress/bathing suit and were all in my dog’s fur. I ran screaming into the house with my dog, both of us covered in bees and brought dozens of bees into the house with me. He ripped all of the bees out of my dog’s fur, helped my mom kill all of the bees I brought into the house with me while I was literally running around screaming and ripping my clothes off, and then retrieved my purse that I dropped near the nest, which had so many bees on it you could barely see the actual material of my bag. That was one of the most terrifying moments of my life so far (because bees. in my bathing suit.) but I remember being so shocked that someone I had not been dating that long was caring enough to battle a sh*t ton of bees for me.

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#35We had been dating on and off for almost a year. I am a huge bookworm and wanted to go to a book reading on Halloween by one of my favorite authors but couldn’t think of anyone who would want to go. He immediately jumped at the chance, got really dressed up, took me out before for dinner, then drove me to the book reading. He loved the reading even though he’d never read a book by the author before. I could tell he was so happy to be there. Then he insisted we stay after to get a book signed no matter how long it took, and we were almost at the end of the line so it took about 2 hours. When we finally got to meet the author he complimented my now husband for dressing so nicely and in my book wrote, “To CoachKnope, I envy you.” (He’s gay, by the way). We’ve now been together 5 years, 2 married, and have a baby on the way. We like to joke that it was his approval that sealed the deal, but the whole night made me realize how exceptionally thoughtful he was and how happy he was just to be with me – that’s when I knew how lucky I was to have him and I wasn’t letting go. The authors approval was the cherry on top.

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#36My dad died a month ago at a routine hospital visit, and we had just signed the DNR when my husband walked into the waiting room and immediately took my mom into his arms. That’s when I realized it isn’t just me he loves and cares for then, a couple of weeks ago, I thought of something I wanted to tell my dad, and I had the sudden, soul-crushing realization that I couldn’t. I started crying, and my husband came in to hold me, asked what was wrong, and when I told him that I wanted to tell my dad something and couldn’t, he simply and tenderly asked, ‘What was it?’ These weren’t the moments I knew he was the one, these were the moments I was reminded why he’s still the one#37when my husband got sick just before we got married and was hospitalised I was understandably upset and I realised the only person I wanted to comfort me was him (which was kinda difficult what with him being really sick in hospital lol). I knew he was the one long before that but he just keeps showing me more and more reasons as to why he is

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#38I’ve been married for three years. I don’t think it was one big thing, but it was a bunch of smaller things. The way he looks at me, the way he treats me, he doesn’t mind singing in the car, he does silly stuff to make me laugh

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#39We’d been happily dating for five years. He fell off a fence showing off at a party and shattered his tibia.

After an incredibly stressful 24 hours in the emergency room, then two days waiting for the swelling to go down, he was finally operated on. I went shopping to keep myself occupied during the surgery, and I was browsing handbags or some shit when I stopped walking, breathing, and thinking. I just said to myself, “I have to be with this man forever.”

I rushed back to the hospital to wait in his room, and he called me from recovery crying because he didn’t know where I was. While he was off his tits on morphine, I told him how I felt. He says he doesn’t remember, but I think he does. Nine months later he got down on that knee and proposed, and we married a year from that day.

We both referenced the accident in our vows. He’s not allowed to climb any more fences. We’ve been married for six months now, and I’m so happy we did.#40We were best friends. I would like him and then he would like me, but never at the same time. Then timing was just right and we like each other at the same time. It was a big deal for me because I knew that if I kissed him, we would either have to be together forever or never see each other again. We kissed and we have been together for 18 years. We have known each other since 4th grade. He’s still my best friend#41

I started falling in love with him when I realized we were truly each other’s equals. He was the first man who wasnt afraid of me (Trying to date in early 20s and having strong opinions or wanting to discuss intellectual topics tends to intimidate young 20-something men). Instead of getting turned off or disgusted when I challenged him, he stood his ground in a respectful way and at times actually listened to me. And I found I didn’t have trouble listening to him when I was wrong. We learned from each other and became better people together. I didn’t realize I wanted to marry him for quite a few years because it never felt like the wild, heart pounding, fairy tale thing I had grown up assuming. It was the little things, like how I felt completely comfortable being 100% myself even when that was unpleasant. It was that when I felt useless or stupid, he looked at me so honestly and told me I was worth so much more. It was when he cried in front of me for the first time and told me he was afraid of failure, and he let me hold him. It was when I haven’t showered in 3 days and I’m watching TV in my pjs, and he looks at me like I’m the most beautiful thing to him. Honestly, nothing about our lives or our relationship is all that exciting, but we grew to be a part of each other and sometimes that’s worth more than any fairytale. TL;DR: f*ck fairytales real life is better

#42I think that’s when you really know you’re with the right person, when the only person you really care about spending time with is your significant other.

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#43he was driving the car and I just looked at him and quietly knew this was the guy… Can’t believe that was 10 years ago

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One day, I unexpectedly got my period at work, so I asked him to bring me something, and he didn’t want to screw up, so he brought me one of everything in the cabinet. Damn, I love him


I’m kind of quirky, and I had built a Chuck E. Cheese–style ball pit in my college apartment. I was poor and those balls were expensive, so one day he insisted on picking me up from one of my finals, since it was too cold to walk. Well, when he picked me up, I looked in his back seat to find it filled with 800 ball pit balls. They were my Christmas gift

#46I don’t have a story, but I can talk about my grandmother.

1940s or so, she met a guy through the family, he liked her, she wasn’t interested in him. He would give her a ride to work at Lockheed building bombers for the war.

She had a brother who was bedridden, and blind, he said he would make a bed for him with wheels so he could sit outside… He did, she fell in love. They were together into their 90s#47When we had been dating for 2 months and I found out I was 2 and 1/2 months pregnant from a one night stand. He told me not to worry we would figure it out. Was married 5 months later and had 5 great years and one more kid before he passed away#48Walked into our college dining hall soaking wet with a broken umbrella.

This was before we started dating. I thought he was cute, nice, and everyone seemed to genuinely like him (all three still apply). So, one day I’m sitting with some of our friends in the dining hall and it’s pouring outside, like biblical flood rain. Husband walks in, completely soaked through with an inside-out umbrella in his hand. Clearly, he’d been walking home, his umbrella crapped out on him, and he got drenched.

Anyone would have walked up to their friends in that situation pissed off or annoyed or even joking about their terrible luck, but husband just found a chair, dropped off the umbrella, and got some dinner, like no biggie, not worth complaining about.

I figured a guy who was both prepared for bad weather and also totally chill when those preparations crapped out on him probably had a pretty good attitude for life.

That was ten years ago next week, and we’ve been married for five. He still prepares for everything, still takes things in stride when it all goes sideways. He has, though, invested in a better umbrella.#49It wasn’t necessarily what he did but how he made me feel. Every relationship I’ve ever been in, my mind has been all over the place. My anxiety was out of control always. “Will I love this person forever, do they love me? Are they going to cheat on me? Am I happy? Are they happy?” Etc. one day I realized I’d never even had to ask myself those questions when it came to him. He’s my best friend, and we were friends for years before we realized we had feelings for each other. And apparently all our other friends knew and were waiting for us to figure it out. we got married in October#50When we could just be together and not have a talk. It is still nice 15 years later#51Very early into the relationship I went to watch one of his basketball games. At one point there was a very heavy argument between the teams and some of the players started to push each other and a little cluster was formed. I was picking trying to see where he was and thinking “Ugh, what a bumm…”. There he was! Far away from the fight, walking on the court very slowly waiting for it to be over. When our eyes met, he did this silly little dance and kept walking. There. It was right there#52my parent’s is pretty sweet:

He was the chef, and she was this foreign waitress. They had been dating for a couple months, but my mom was nearing the end of her college visa. She didn’t want to be sent back to her country, so she offered my dad $1,000 to marry him. He said “Keep the money and we’ll see how things go”.

3 kids and 28 years of marriage#53A week after our first date, I got knocked over in a bike accident and ended up at the hospital with a broken neck and a fractured spine. While visiting me in the hospital, he wasn’t allowed anywhere near my head, so since he couldn’t reach my hand, he held my foot the whole time instead#54We were supposed to have a fourth date when I called to tell him I couldn’t make it because my dad had just gone to the ER with metastatic colon cancer. Well, he could tell in my voice how stressed I was about it, so he drove two hours to be with me at the hospital. And we had that fourth date in the hospital’s cafeteria.
We’ve been married for six years and have been through hell and back together. But we find new ways to love each other all the time#55When I saw him chasing a random stray cat because he wanted to pet it.#56He would tell me I was beautiful, and when I said, ‘I wish I could see myself through your eyes,’ he responded, ‘You would never stop loving yourself#57First I thought he was sweet. After having met and having had sex on the first date, he made me breakfast the next morning (pancakes were undercooked but I ate around that).

Then, I thought I really might like him when I met his parents on Thanksgiving. They were the sweetest and I could see the type of man he had as a role model growing up.

Then I knew he was the one when he had to be put in bed for three months without being able to walk. I bathed him, cooked for him, helped him get around…I did everything for him and I did it because I wanted him to be happy and feel loved. That’s the moment I knew he was the one.

He surprised me on Christmas Eve with a gorgeous ring and asked me to marry him. Now we’re married and every single day I am excited to see him at the end of a long day of work. He is my husband, my king, my best friend, He is my everything#58For me, there wasn’t one big “he’s the one” moment. There were a lot of little moments in which seeing him do something small my respect for him would grow exponentially in seconds. Little things like the way he interacted with cashiers, how he gave a homeless man a few dollars and a cigarette, that he apologized when he was in the wrong, how he talked to his mom on the phone, when he made waffles for us because they’re my favorite even though he prefers pancakes, etc. That respect broke the ground for an unrelenting love to blossom. And it continues. The little things bring more love into our marriage daily#59I think it was the moment I realized that even if we broke up, we’d still be friends. Or rather, that neither he nor I could imagine NOT being able to go to the movies together, or discuss the nerdy things we like; that even if the relationship wasn’t romantic, we’d always be there for each other.

We’ve been together for over 14 years now. He’s a total nerd and I love him to bits#60I found out I had cancer on our third date, and I found out a few months later that I probably couldn’t have kids. I was crying during our car ride home when he took my hand and said, ‘We can always adopt#61I was renting my sister’s basement apartment when I caught a terrible stomach bug that left me sitting on the toilet and throwing up every 20 minutes. He stayed up all night with me, cleaning up my mess, and the next morning when he went to my sister’s room to ask her to check on me while he was at work, he realized she had the bug, too… So he immediately called off work and took care of me, my sister, and her two young children. And though she was happily married, she turned to me and said, ‘If you don’t marry him, I will.’ That’s when I knew he was the kind of man you don’t give up#62

I kinda knew the minute I met him while sitting at a bar, and when he touched my elbow I totally understood for the first time why people have one-night stands. But the deal was done when he told me about being a kid and sitting on his friend’s lap in the cafeteria, getting ridiculed for it, and realizing that our society is f*cked- there is nothing wrong with a dude sitting on another dude’s lap. In a nutshell, I knew he shared my values, was sensitive, but strong, incredibly kind, and smart. Also, he’s the funniest person I’ve ever met


When he put his hand on my back while we walked down the street. Something about that felt like he was promising to always protect and take care of me, even though I knew all he was doing was walking down the street


The day I actually met him. His car was broke down and he rode his bike about 20 miles to my house to meet with my friend, his girlfriend at the time. She dumped him the next day and I snatched him up.been together for almost 25 years and he’s got a brand new car

#65I remember this moment like it was yesterday. We had been dating for less than 2 months, and we were at a small wine bar for his birthday. We were sitting outside drinking wine and eating the most amazing grilled cheese sandwiches in existence. Our eyes locked at one point, and the look in his eyes was complete admiration and love. He tilted his head a bit and did a sort of half smile. I felt so at ease, so comfortable. I knew at that moment. We’ve been married for a little over 3 years, been together for almost 7 years#66I’d come out of a bad relationship where I felt like I was always chasing the guy to get any amount of attention. My hubby didn’t make me chase him he was just always there when I needed him. He made me feel cherished, and he gave me what I needed to feel secure in our relationship. He was the first guy I felt I could trust. I also tend to be too serious and he makes me laugh. I couldn’t help but fall for him. 28 years and counting#67After we were dating for a while, he said: “I remember, when I first saw you, I thought: yeah, that’s the girl I’m going to marry.” Plus, I’ve know him for 13yrs, and I still get giddy if our eyes meet from across a room#68One day I just realized how comfortable I was with him. I often feel in my life I have to put on masks to act a certain way around coworkers, family members, and sometimes even friends. With him, I can be myself. He knows me. He knows everything about me – what I like, what I hate, my moods, etc. I struggle with depression which can make me cranky. Although he probably understands depression itself very little, he understands what I need when I’m having a bad day. We’ve been together 11 years and just got married in February. I couldn’t imagine my life without him. EDIT: wrote desperation instead of depression#69My Grandma actually saw my Grandfather at a pool when they where in their late teens.

She just knew and pushed him in to the pool, so they could meet.

They’ve been together ever since ahaha#70I looked over and saw the moonlight on her face, half in light, half in shadow and I could not look away. 22 years later that images is etched into my mind as fresh and clear as that night#71He ran up on me, and it felt like every atom rushed to the surface of my skin to meet him. It was like he ignited or sparked my soul. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt. I knew everything in my life was about to change#72We were at brunch when a disabled vet came over and started a conversation with him about his motorcycle jacket. My man had just gotten laid off, but he looked at his budget and bank app right there at the table to figure out where he could cut a corner to pay for that vet and his wife’s meals. I almost cried.#73I thought I was going to have to do the ‘walk of shame’ from his place at 6 a.m. one morning after we’d been out, and I was putting my dress back on when he got out of bed and put on jeans and a dress shirt to walk me home instead#74Neither of us likes soup. But we attend a lot of events that have soup courses. So without a word, he’ll eat all his soup and quietly switch his finished bowl with my full bowl then eat mine, too. Then he’ll whisper sweetly, ‘Good job eating your soup, hun!#75When I met my partner, I was embarrassed about my job as a manager at a food chain, which I took after being left with no home or money by my cheating ex-fiance´. I had really lost faith in men and myself, and I always avoided telling him where I worked so I wouldn’t get hurt again…Well, one day, after a long shift and migraine, I walked to my car to discover a love note on my windshield. Apparently, because we met through someone I worked with, he knew where I worked all along! And while this kind of romantic gesture would have creeped me out had anyone else done it, I was in tears from happiness. That’s when I knew he was the one. And he has since helped me build myself up, find the career I love, and given me two beautiful daughters#76We had just moved in together, and I wanted to blast some Huey Lewis while washing my car, but my ex always made me feel silly for liking ’80s music, so I was embarrassed…
Well, I finally decided to just do it — and he looked at me and said, ‘Oh my god, I LOVE Huey! Are you playing ‘Hip to Be Square’?!’ I knew then that we were meant to be together#77We were visiting his parents in the Bay Area, and just as we were leaving, his mom — who was very ill — asked him to cut her toenails. Most men wouldn’t do that in front of a new girlfriend, but he just went into her bathroom, got the clippers, and cut her nails. I knew that if he took care of her like that, he’d take great care of me. And he did#78I was divorced and tired of the dating scene when I prayed to my Grammy in heaven to please help me find The One. Well, I met a man from a dating site and noticed he had the same hazel eyes as she did and that his dream trip was Hawaii, which was also hers. Well, when I was little, my Grammy would always cuddle me and sing, ‘Let me call you sweetheart, I’m in love with you.’ And one night, after several dates, we were sitting outside on the steps when he said, ‘Can I ask you a question? Can I call you sweetheart?’ I had to turn my face so he wouldn’t see my tears as I looked up and whispered a ‘thank you’ to my grandmother. And seven years later, I’m still amazed by my good fortune#79The first day I met him I noticed that the way he talked about the things he was passionate about was so moving — his eyes lit up, and he smiled the whole time in a way that made my heart melt#80We were college sweethearts but there weren’t serious expectations because who knew what would happen after graduation. One day I couldn’t get to dinner because of rehearsals and I was starving and had this entirely unreasonable thought “you know, he should know this is a rough day and bring me something to eat.” But I shoved that back because really, it’s crazy to think that he was supposed to just randomly do something for me that was never discussed.

Except then I got back to my dorm room where he was hanging out and he handed me an apple and a cookie because he thought I might be hungry. And that realization that he was thinking of me when I wasn’t around, that he put together a problem I was having without my saying it, and took action to help me…I felt so loved and cared for in that moment and knew I could trust him to be there for me.

Married 8 years this July#81Several things really. I stood him up for our first date and he asked me out again. (really not my fault, stuck in a meeting before the days of cell phones and was 40 min late to the bar.) Then several weeks into dating I was in the downstairs bathroom in his (our) house. It is really just a toilet in a closet size “room”. Being an old house, nothing is standard and the door comes about 4 inches from the floor. He reached under and grabbed my ankles. I thought: this guy is just silly enough for me to fall in love with#82I recently had that feeling of peace and calm and home with a guy, and really felt like that was the deciding factor, and that I’d probably marry him. And then a few days after that, we talked and he said he didn’t want kids, and I haven’t seen him since. That was two months ago. I’m afraid I won’t feel that again.#83I woke up with severe stomach pain and told him I needed to go to the emergency room. He took me and spent the next 7 hours with me for us to eventually learn I had acid reflux and was sent home with Zantac, suddenly perfectly fine#84Just asked my mom this question. They have known each other for 32 years and have been married for 22 years. She told me she knew after a year of dating my dad that he was the one. When she was 16-17 she had a slew of neurological issues that led to her having to have surgery. She was suffering from seizures, she had been blacking out randomly. She said the first thing she remembers after waking up from her surgery was my dad sleeping in a chair at the hospital. Made me tear up#85not entirely sure.. he asked me three or four times and I kept saying no because I wasn’t ready. Then one day a couple friends of ours were going to go to the JP after eating our lunch and he asked again. This time I got this feeling that Id better say yes, so I said, Yeah okay, I guess we better or Ill regret it for the rest of my life. 23 years later, still married and more in love than the day we tied the knot#86he asked.

Also, the time he pulled multiple late nights in a row working on a project for me. I needed to get a manuscripts back to the editors with revisions by a deadline that was rapidly approaching. He wrote-up all my chicken scratch equations into a beautiful LaTeX document with special formatting I didn’t think could be done#87

When we went for a 45-minute walk in the park together one day, and when we finished, I realized I never wanted our conversation to end. I told him and he said, ‘Me neither.’ Then he grabbed my hand and we walked around it again…and again.


When he made waffles for us because they’re my favorite, even though he prefers pancakes

#89This is going to sound so silly, but he was busy at a meeting, and asked me to check his planner (that he left at home) for him and relay the note. The note directly above the one i was supposed to find read, “Remember to buy yourself a chocolate banana ice cream tomorrow.” Something about how ernest that note was for himself just got me#90We flew across the country to Texas for his brother’s wedding in Dallas. My grandmother, who I hadn’t seen in years and was in the hospital with diabetes complications, was in Houston. He rented us a car and we drove all the way to Houston to visit her in the hospital (his first time meeting her). A few days later the trip was over and at the airport I got the call from my Dad that she had died. I got to be there during those last days because my boyfriend (now husband) drove me hours to see a relative he had never met#91My (now) husband and I were on our first date, and we wandered into a café with a live band that was so loud we couldn’t hear each other at all. Well, the music was really good, so rather than ignore me or suggest that we leave, he started texting me questions about my dreams, fears, and hopes for the future.#92

My husband won my heart when he jokingly called me an assh*le on our first date. I had been internet dating for a while, and first dates were usually stiff and felt like job interviews. So it was refreshing for someone to be authentic. I felt like I knew him well as soon as I met him.

#93On our first three dates my husband took me to eat Japanese, Thai, and Indian food. He was not a fan of any of them, and knew it before the dates. He never tried to talk me out of it. (As I’m writing this he says, “Why did you hate me, you were really trying to tell me you weren’t interested, weren’t you?”). He IS the one#94When we were chatting about amusement parks and he said, ‘I love…Universal Studios,’ and I realized that I thought he was going to say, ‘I love you,’ and that I wished he did.

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