Happy (almost) New Year!

📝 This Week’s Goal: Celebrate your year in writing.

2020 might not have been the year we all expected. As we prepare for the ball to drop and usher in 2021, it’s worth taking a quick look back to the year that was.

In January, our Facebook Group kicked off the year with the Embrace Your Weird Challenge. Hundreds of you began the year exploring creativity and providing each other with encouragement.

We launched a host of new series featuring Bobby Powers, Emily Wilcox, Eric Pierce, Margery Bayne, Jill Ebstein, Nick Wolny, Brian Rowe, Anisa Nasir, Bookable Podcast, David B. Clear, Melinda Crow, and Cynthia Marinakos!

2020 saw the launch of our podcast, This Week and Writing, and this weekly newsletter by the same name.

All of these amazing things are just scratching the surface of the year that was. While grim news may have dominated the headlines, there are plenty of things worth celebrating in 2020. Plus, 2021 kicks off next week with a chance to start over.

Next week we’ll be sharing some of our favorite stories from the 202Done writing prompt. Until then, happy new year from The Writing Cooperative team!

💬 What are you celebrating in 2020? Leave a comment and let us know.

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  • December 30, 2020
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