How Do You Make Money Online?

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The first Monday of September is Labor Day here in the States. It’s a federal holiday to acknowledge all workers need an occasional break. Granted, many people don’t get a break on Labor Day, but that’s an issue for another newsletter. Instead, we’re using Labor Day to talk about making money.

Our September writing prompt is all about how you work and make a living as a writer. How do you earn as much as possible for your writing? What works, what doesn’t, and how can people learn from your experience?

As with all of our prompts, we’re not looking for basic or commonplace information. While Medium makes it easy to earn money through the Partner Program, we don’t need a bunch of stories pointing this out. Instead, share your experience putting in work, pitching outlets, developing distribution and marketing channels that brought new views and income to your work.

All submissions, including those following this month’s prompt, must follow our submission rules. Submissions are open, and we look forward to your stories!

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