People On The Internet Laugh At This Guy’s Revenge Plan After His Ex-Wife’s Divorce Lawyer Asks For 3 Years Of Complete Financials

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There are all kinds of stories about people splitting up: some are quick and civil, and some can take years and can cost a lot of money and nerves. Despite the scenario the couple is in, divorce is still known as a sensitive and quite sad process. But what to do when your spouse doesn’t want this painful experience to end as soon as possible and makes things even worse? Reddit user @FederalAnt9 decided to share his divorce story and how he turned this stressful experience into a funny story that received 50.2k upvotes online.

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Divorce can be a sensitive and tricky process, especially when people can’t seem to find a way to leave it all on good terms

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The user shared that when he and his wife were still married, they were talking about how rich people like to hide their assets to avoid taxes. Little did he know that the things they were discussing later would come back to him in the worst form. So once they decided to split up, the woman decided to heat up the whole thing by stating that her husband was laundering money. This, of course, was taken seriously by her lawyer.

But the ex-husband, being persistent himself too, decided to teach the lawyer by doing what was asked in the most hilarious way

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This is when the woman’s lawyer decided to ask the soon-to-be ex-husband to send his income declaration for the past 3 years. In his story, the user also shared that at that time, he didn’t have much money as he was starting his own business, plus he had other financial obligations. For this reason, he decided to represent himself in this divorce case.

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His intricate situation didn’t convince the lawyer that he was actually just a guy who wanted to divorce his wife and he hadn’t been doing anything illegal. In fact, he even insulted the husband when he tried to explain the whole situation and why it would be too hard for him to provide all the documents necessary. The user stated that he got triggered by the lawyer saying: “Well, according to your income declarations, you’re not that busy. What do you do all day?” This is when the husband decided to teach this lawyer a lesson.

The ex-husband decided to fax EVERY document that he had over 3 years and fax it to the lawyer

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So both men agreed that the documents would be sent via fax. The husband didn’t hold back and did what was asked—he sent every invoice, bank statement, card statement, purchase order, even irrelevant receipts and coupons he’d had throughout those 3 years. He even added cover pages and separators. In total, there were 150+ PDF pages sent via fax. The only thing was that the system kept failing and couldn’t send documents. However, the man was determined enough and changed the settings of the machine to try and re-send documents until they reached the recipient.

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This all resulted in asking the man to stop sending documents as the lawyer’s machine kept sticking and getting paper jams. The man was clever enough to then ask him in writing to confirm that they didn’t need these documents any longer. Once the man got what he was asked for, the lawyer never threatened him again. This way, the man proved that you can prove your innocence in a smart and funny way.

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Image credits: FederalAnt9

People online were in love with the story and kept serving fax jokes

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