How well do you know your writer self?

📝 This Week’s Goal: Get to know your writerly self.

Hi there my literary loves! On this version of Earth people know me as Emily Wilcox (or The Girl Obsessed with Biscuits™) but you will soon know me as Mrs Robert Pattinson, I can assure you. And what I am is what I think we all are here: a writer. More so than I am an actual human. I bleed ink, my skin is paper and I’m as annoying as somebody clicking a pen incessantly behind your ear.

My goal here is pretty simple; it’s all about tapping into your own self. Getting to know you, as a writer. We spend so long hyper-focused on the words we’re outputting that we rarely take a moment to realise that we, ourselves, are an entire story worth being read. So I think it’s time we treated ourselves like we treat a book — open up, graze our fingers along the spine of our souls, notice our details, our punctuation, the biscuit crumbs caught between our pages. Ask ourselves questions like we’re being interviewed. Take ourselves on a date like we’re being pursued. Tap in to our most authentic, child-like selves so that we can unleash our infinite supply of imagination and creativity. We need to romanticise ourselves, because we’re writers. We’re storytellers. We enhance life using fancy fonts and synonyms. And the best place to start is with you.

💬 Take a couple moments today to learn about the writer behind the words — they could not exist without you.

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  • February 9, 2021
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