Save up to $30 on dog DNA tests for Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Amazon has several dog DNA tests on sale as of Sept. 30:

Embark Breed ID Kit — $99 (save $30)

Embark Breed + Health Kit — $169 (save $30)

Wisdom Panel Essential — $89 (save $10.99)

Wisdom Panel Premium — $129.99 (save $30)

There comes a time in every rescue or mixed-breed dog owner’s life when you begin to wonder: What’s this mutt? (See also: Are they actually part dachshund, or have all my wiener jokes been way off-base?)

You can find out exactly what makes your pup unique by picking up a dog DNA test, which screens for different breeds and genetic markers using a simple cheek swab (obtained by you at home, then mailed in). Many will also pick up on potential health risks, which can be a total game-changer down the road as far as vet bills go.

Amazon is kicking off Adopt a Shelter Dog Month by offering up to $30 off popular kits from Embark and Wisdom Panel, two of our absolute favorite companies in the pet DNA test game. (Not sure which one’s best for you and Fido? Click here.) Here’s the lowdown:


Developed by scientists at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, Embark’s research-grade DNA genotyping platform tests for more than 350 different dog breeds, types, and varieties, with results down to 5% of your dog’s total makeup.

The entry-level Embark Breed ID Kit comes with a detailed family tree, along with access to an online canine relative finder that lets you connect with other dogs that share some DNA with your pooch. It usually sells for $129, but at the time of writing, you could score it on sale on Amazon for just $99 — a 23% savings. That’s only $3 away from its all-time-low price there, FYI.

box art of the embark breed id kit

Credit: Embark

Embark Breed ID Kit
Buying Options
$99 on Amazon

For about $70 more, you can upgrade to the Embark Breed + Health Kit that further includes screening for over 200 genetic diseases (like MDR1 drug sensitivity) and more than 20 physical traits (like coat patterning). Amazon will give it to you for just $169, which is 15% off its suggested retail price of $199.

box art of the embark breed + health kit

Credit: Embark

Embark Breed + Health Kit
Buying Options
$169 on Amazon

Wisdom Panel

Wisdom Panel lays claim to the world’s largest dog DNA database and recently revamped its breed detection system with the help of experts in population genetics from 23andMe and AncestryDNA. Its tests now screen for over 350 breeds and varieties, too, with a precise mix reported down to an impressive 1%.

Its base (but not basic) Essential kit includes testing for over 25 potential medical issues and more than 35 traits, along with a multi-generational family tree. Amazon’s currently pricing it at $89, which is just over 10% off its $99 MSRP.

box art of the wisdom panel premium dog dna test kit

Credit: Wisdom Panel

Wisdom Panel Essential
Buying Options
$89 on Amazon

Want even more health insights? Opt for Wisdom Panel’s Premium kit instead to unlock more than 180 additional tests, a genetic diversity score, and a carrier status report (with the option to discuss all results with a licensed vet for free). Typically $159.99, you can get it on sale at Amazon for only $129.99 — a 19% savings.

box art of the wisdom panel premium dog dna test kit

Credit: Wisdom Panel

Wisdom Panel Premium
Buying Options
$129.99 on Amazon

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