The new air purifier from Instant Brands (yes, like Instant Pot) is $100 off at Amazon

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SAVE $100: Instant Brands is known for its air fryers and pressure cookers, but its new air purifier is a rising star, too. As of Nov. 11, the Instant Large Air Purifier is on sale for $139.99 at Amazon — take 42% off its usual price.

A great air purifier can really change your life. It helps mitigate pollen during allergy season and can protect against dangerous smoke and mold spores.

The Instant Air Purifier is a newer air purifier (it came out in June 2021) from the makers of the Instant Pot. At Amazon, it’s on sale for $139.99 — $100 off its original price.

The line comes in three sizes: the Instant Large Air Purifier, Instant Medium Air Purifier, and the Instant Small Air Purifier. Each purifier is designed for differently sized rooms. (Of note: The small version was $129.95 at Amazon at the time of writing.)

They all feature a three-in-one filtration system that includes a HEPA-13 filter, activated carbon to reduce odors, and an antimicrobial coating to help prevent bacterial growth. They also have a day-to-night mode, so it won’t be too loud or bright when you’re trying to sleep. They also get generally good reviews featuring one main complaint: It’s difficult to tell when to change the filter. (The Instant Brands website says that filters last six to eight months on auto mode.)

Wondering if an air purifier can help protect you against COVID-19? Here’s what the CDC says: “HEPA filters are no less than 99.97% efficient at capturing human-generated viral particles associated with SARS-CoV-2.” However, it still recommends a layered approach to COVID-19 prevention — and, of course, getting vaccinated.

an instant air purifier sits on the floor of a living room

Credit: Instant Brands

Instant Large Air Purifier
$139.99 at Amazon (save $100)

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