10 WordPress Plugins That Will Optimize Your Editorial Work

10 WordPress Plugins That Will Optimize Your Editorial Work

Running a blog is like putting together a puzzle, in which each little piece of work needs to fit the whole picture perfectly.

Blogging isn’t just about writing the best content and publishing it for your audience. It’s about making all the right adjustments and editing your content until it’s perfect in every sense.

Luckily for you, there are WordPress editorial plugins designed to make your work easier, faster, and more efficient. There’s a plugin for each piece of the puzzle, helping you get to the end results in a more optimized manner.

Take a look at these 10 fresh WordPress plugins which will optimize your editorial workflow and help you run your blog effortlessly.

Page builders

According to Adobe,  59 % of people will read or browse through something beautifully designed rather than something plain and boring.

Let’s kick this off with some of the best WordPress page builders. Learn what they are and how can you use them to optimize your work.

1. Divi Builder

Divi Builder for wordpress plugins

The visual effect of your blog and each post that you write is of great importance. Divi Builder is a visual editor plugin for WordPress giving you control over the appearance of your blog and allowing you to pull all the strings.

Here’s what it’s all about:

Customizing your design Drag and drop elements No coding necessary Applicable on any theme

Divi builder enables you to easily design your blog, customize its functions, buttons, sidebars, and make it in accordance with your own preferences.

It’s simple and easy to use, so it’s perfect for both beginners and experienced bloggers. Give it a try and see where it takes you.

2. Elementor

Elementor for wordpress plugins

Another extremely popular WordPress page builder with powerful features which can make your visual editing work enjoyable and easy is Elementor.

Here’s what makes it so great:

Live preview of your design. See what your visitors will see, as you edit the design. Drag and drop elements. Choose what you need, add it, and edit it. Free widgets. Select a widget from the list and add it to your design. Free templates. Either choose an existing template and edit it or put together different sections to create your own template.

Elementor will make your editing work simple, clean, and stress-free.

3. Thrive Architect Thrive Architect for wordpress plugins

Another fabulous WordPress page builder you’ll be more than happy with is the Thrive Architect.

It’s based on the drag-and-drop principle and you need absolutely no coding skills to use it.

It comes with the following features:

Font customization Image and text combinations Detailed styling Customizable content boxes Content tabs Bullet lists

There’s a lot more going on with this WordPress editorial plugin so make sure to check it out and see for yourself.

Image editing

Editing images is crucial and with the right plugins, it’s also simple and easy.

4. Ultimate Image Filters

Ultimate Image filters for wordpress plugins

Editing images is a regular part of the entire WordPress experience and there’s a plugin which can make this process a whole lot easier.

The Ultimate Image Filters plugin is designed to help you edit your images without having to open a separate window with picture editors.

Here’s how it works:

Integrates with your Media Manager Adds more than 40 filters You choose a filter and see the preview Save the photo and use it with your content

It’s super-simple and gives you a ton of options for making your web page more visually appealing and attractive.

5. Enable Media Replace

Enable Media Replace for wordpress plugins

Uploading images to WordPress is not that big of a deal unless you frequently want to replace them.

First, you need to:

Upload it Size it Optimize the metadata

However, replacing an image can be such a drag, if you don’t have the right tools.

If you want to update it and change the image, you first need to delete the old one and start the process all over again.

Well, if you have the Enable Media Replace plugin, all you have to do is upload a file of the same type as the one you’re replacing. It’s that simple.

Plus, it comes with a preview of the new image!

Text editors

Your content is an essential part of your webpage and you need to ensure it’s properly edited. The following plugins are a great helping hand for text editing optimization.

6. TinyMCE Advanced

TinyMCE Advanced for wordpress plugins

This WordPress editorial plugin is designed for those detail-oriented people who want to create the perfect content for their visitors.

TinyMCE Advanced lets you create your own, personalized visual editor toolbar by adding, arranging and removing the available buttons.

You can create up to 4 rows of buttons such as:

Font size and family Background color Source code Emoticons

This plugin definitely makes the text editing process easier and more enjoyable.

7. WP Smart Editor

WP Smart Editor for wordpress plugins

Another super-useful text editor plugin which helps you edit according to your own preferences is the WP Smart Editor.

Here’s what it offers:

Filter the available tools Custom style editor Table, column, button, and bullet manager

“Not only does this plugin save you the time, but it also makes you more creative, efficient, and productive,” says Tina Pearson, blog editor, and writer at Best Writers Canada.

Find all the right tools and use them to create the content you want to share with your audience.

8. Editus

Editus for wordpress plugins

Editus comes with a great formatting toolbar and allows you to track your changes with a real-time preview.

Here are some of the best features it offers:

Editing links, images, and text Intuitive, drag-and-drop editing Simple interface No coding

This WordPress editorial plugin will make your writing process easier and help you reach all your editing goals.

To ensure your content is properly written, you can use a tool like Grammarly or a service like Get Good Grade. You can also check out Canada Writers to see what they have to offer.

Charts and tables

Infographics can improve web traffic by 12%. Adding visual aids to your content is always a great idea, but they’re not so easy to make unless you have the right plugins. Take a look at these.

9. Visualizer

Visualizer for wordpress plugins

In order for your visitors to understand the information you’re providing better, you should always include some kind of a chart or a table.

Visualizer is a plugin enabling you to create and manage charts and tables, and add them to your WordPress pages.

Once you create a chart or a table you can:

Customize it Choose colors and fonts Make them fit the rest of your content

It’s the best way to incorporate tables and charts into your content, and give your readers an extra reason to appreciate your content.

10.  wpData Tables

wpData Tables for wordpress plugins

wpData Tables makes embedding data into tables and charts super-easy.

It will allow you to create more than 35 different types of charts, tables, and graphs.

It works with MySQL databases It has a responsive design for all devices It has built-in editing tools similar to Excel You can link a chart to a table.

It’s the perfect way to enrich your content and raise the bar for your competitors.

Final thoughts

Optimizing your editorial work requires you to choose all the right tools. Luckily, there are WordPress editorial plugins which can help you perform at a high-quality level, without too much trouble.

Make sure to check out the list above and see which tools and plugins will suit your editing needs best.

Guest author: Christopher Mercer is a blogger and entrepreneur. Web developer by day and writer by night, Chris enjoys the ever-changing world of web content. His in-depth articles have been featured in a variety of online publications.

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