Rosalía reveals her chaotic text exchange with Harry Styles

Singer Rosalía sitting alongside Jimmy Fallon, showing messages on her phone.

Singer Rosalía’s voice has been described as “liquid velvet”, has resulted in eight Latin Grammy Awards, and has been complimented by the one and only Harry Styles. Except that Styles was texting the wrong number — which created a pretty chaotic exchange.

The Spanish superstar told the story on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, beginning with her taking her phone out of her boot (a pretty effective hiding place). She and Fallon bonded over how they each change their phone numbers frequently, a habit which, for Rosalía, meant missing Styles’ texts.

After a bizarre series of texts, Styles sent her the screenshots of the iMessages to Rosalía, writing over Instagram DM, saying, “Your texts are confusing.”

“But it wasn’t me!” Rosalía told the audience, laughing.

The messages are well worth a look, especially to see Styles grappling with a very strange tone coming from someone he thought was Rosalía. The two artists have collaborated in the past, on Styles’ “Adore You” video which Rosalía narrated.

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  • March 13, 2022
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