140+ Supernatural Trivia Questions About The Winchesters

Everyone knows Supernatural, the epic show starring Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. It’s about the two Winchester brothers hunting monsters. Sam and Dean Winchester are legends, which is what makes their stories so interesting. If you think you know everything there is to know about the Winchester brothers, here is some Supernatural trivia to test your knowledge.

Supernatural Trivia Questions And Answers:

Here is a Supernatural quiz for superfans. You’ll only be able to get these questions right if you’ve seen every episode. Good luck and carry on, Wayward sons!

Who are the main two characters of ‘Supernatural’?

Sam and Dean are the two main characters on the show.

Azazel’s eyes are one of the most remarkable things in the series. What color are they?

His eyes were yellow in color.

What is God’s name?

God’s name is Chuck Shurley.

True or False: Dean and Sam have appeared in every episode of the show.

This statement is true.

Which character is not only a hunter but also a computer hacker?

Charlie is a hunter and a hacker.

What language do the angels in Supernatural speak?

The angels speak Enochian.

What is Crowley’s nickname for Sam Winchester?

Crowley calls Sam Moose.

In season three, to what song does Sam wake up to on Wednesday in episode eleven?

He wakes up to the song: ‘Back In Time’.

What is the name of Sam’s girlfriend in the very first episode of the series?

Jessica Lee Moore was the girlfriend of Sam.

Dean was tortured by which demon in hell?

Alastair tortured Dean in hell.

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Why was Ellen Harvelle not in the third season?

Ellen was not in the third season due to a writers’ strike.

What 80s rock star is possessed by Lucifer in season 12 of Supernatural?

Rick Springfield is possessed by Lucifer in season twelve of the show.

Which angel was given the responsibility to record the word of God?

Metatron was given the responsibility to record the word of God.

What was the cause of Dean and Sam’s mother’s death?

She was killed by a demon.

How many times does Dean die in the series?

Dead dies over 100 times in one episode alone.

The character Bobby Singer made his first appearance in which season?

Bobby made his first appearance in season one.

Which character offered the key of Solomon to Dean and Sam?

Bobby offered the key of Solomon to Dean and Sam

Who is Dean named after?

Dean is named after his grandmother, Deanna Campbell.

Dean and Sam decided to sew which character back together?

They decided to sew Abaddon back together.

What are the nicknames of the angel Gabriel in ‘Supernatural‘?

Loki and The Trickster are the nicknames that are given to Gabriel.

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What is Sam’s dog named?

Sam’s dog is named Riot.

What is the actual name of Lightbringer?

Lucifer is known as the lightbringer.

Who are Sam and Dean’s parents?

Their parents are John and Mary Winchester.

What was the song playing when Dean drives up to Lucifer to confront Michael in episode 22 season five?

‘Rock Of Ages’ was playing when Dean drives up to Lucifer to confront Michael.

What is the name of Castiel’s human host?

“Jimmy” Novak is the name of the human host Castiel embodies.

Jo starts hunting in which season?

She starts hunting in season two.

Which demon killed the mother of Dean and Sam?

Azazel killed the mother of Dean and Sam.

Where are Dean and Sam from?

They are originally from Kansas.

Who is the King of Hell?

Crowley is the king of hell.

What was the reason Dean and Sam would move every week during their childhood?

Their dad was hunting demons.

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What are the last names of Sam and Dean in ‘It’s A Terrible Life?’

Their names were Sam Wesson and Dean Smith.

Who does Dean kill with the First Blade?

He kills Abaddon with the first blade.

Which college did Sam Winchester go to?

Sam went to Stanford.

In the second episode of the second season, what is the monster’s name who Sam and Dean are hunting?

The name of the monster is Rakshasa.

What was the title of the show originally going to be?

The show was originally going to be named Unnatural.

In the episode ‘My Bloody Valentine’, to which place did Dean ask Castiel to send Sam to keep him away from demons, blood, and famine?

He asked Castiel to send Sam to Montana.

How is a Ghoul killed in ‘Supernatural’?

Ghouls can be killed with a headshot.

What is the other name of the Genie who attacked Dean in the twentieth episode of season two?

Djinn, in the episode named ‘What Is And What Never Should Be’.

What vampire helped Dean escape Purgatory?

Benny Lafitte helped Dean escape Purgatory.

In the first episode of season one, what is the LSAT score of Sam?

His LSAT score is 174.

In which episode do Sam and Dean first witness the Trickster?

‘Tall Tales’ is the first episode that involves the Trickster.

More Questions About The Winchester Brothers
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Question: Who does Castiel think is the funniest angel in the garrison?
Answer: He believes Uriel is the funniest angel.

Question: What was the reason Sam Winchester killed Madison?
Answer: She was a werewolf.

Question: What does Dean call his 1967 Chevy Impala?
Answer: He calls his car baby.

Question: Where did Sam and all the other psychics go to in the episode ‘All Hell Breaks Loose Part One’?
Answer: They went to Cold Oak, South Dakota.

Question: How is a Vetala killed?
Answer: They are killed with a silver knife to the heart.

Question: Who happens to be the cousin of a werewolf in ‘Supernatural’?
Answer: A Skinwalker was the cousin of a werewolf.

Question: What’s the family business?
Answer: The family business is saving people, hunting things.

Question: What was Bobby Singer’s Rottweiler named?
Answer: His dog is named Rumsfeld.

Question: Who does Dean meet first in his afterlife in season 15?
Answer: He met Bobby Singer in the afterlife.

Question: Which demon was the last of the 66 seals?
Answer: Lilith was the last of the 66 seals.

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Question: What has Sam been scared of since childhood?
Answer: Sam has been scared of clowns since childhood.

Question: Which angel had the intention of restarting the apocalypse after going to heaven in season six?
Answer: Raphael had the intention of restarting the apocalypse.

Question: What pretense does Dean make on the eighteenth episode of the second season?
Answer: He pretends to be a PA in the episode ‘Hollywood Babylon’.

Question: Which lead antagonist was killed in season six?
Answer: Eve was killed in season six.

Question: In which episode do Dean and Sam sing the famous Bon Jovi song, ‘Wanted Dead Or Alive’?
Answer: They sang this song in the episode entitled ‘No Rest For The Wicked’.

Question: What name do Sam and Dean use to find each other when they are separated?
Answer: They use the name Jim Rockford.

Question: What was the song that Sam and Dean tried to sing in the episode ‘A Very Supernatural Christmas’?
Answer: They tried to sing ‘Silent Night’. This happened in the eighth episode of the third season.

Question: How many times has Sam been under possession by angels and demons?
Answer: He has been possessed three times, once by an angel and twice by demons.

Question: What is the real first name of Charlie Bradbury?
Answer: Celeste is Charlie’s real name.

Question: How many times are there crossroads involved in the plot in the second season of the show?
Answer: Crossroads are involved two times in the second season of the show.

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Question: In “Scoobynatural” (season 13, episode 16), who makes out with Velma?
Answer: Sam makes out with Velma, even though Dean tries to make out with Daphne all episode.

Question: Which character killed Jessica in the pilot episode of the show?
Answer: Brady killed Jessica in the pilot of the show.

Question: Who wanted to be Lucifer’s Queen in season eleven of the series?
Answer: Rowena wanted to be the Queen.

Question: Jimmy Novak was the vessel of which two angels?
Answer: Jimmy has been the vessel for both Lucifer and Castiel.

Question: Ellen Harvelle owns what kind of business?
Answer: Ellen owns a bar.

Question: Who was single-handedly responsible for the extinction of the original Men of Letters?
Answer: Abaddon is responsible for the extinction of the Men of Letters.

Question: In episode five of season two, how does Dean describe Andy’s van?
Answer: Dean describes the van as magnificent.

Question: Do you know the order of psychics that die in ‘All Hell Breaks Loose: Part One’?
Answer: Lily, Andy, Ava, Sam, and Jake.

Question: Which flight crashed at the beginning of the fourth episode of season one?
Answer: United Britannia Flight 2485 crashed at the beginning of the episode.

Question: What did the demon Azazel do to fuel the war against humans?
Answer: He made babies drink blood to fuel the war against humans.

closeup photo of person's handUnsplash / Daniel Jensen

Question: The role of Ruby has been played by how many actors?
Answer: She has been played by two separate actors.

Question: What is another name that Amara is known by?
Answer: She is also known as the Darkness.

Question: What is the license plate number of Dean’s Chevy Impala during all of season 1 and most of season 2?
Answer: Dean’s license plate is KAZ 2Y5.

Question: What can slow down a Leviathan?
Answer: Three things can slow down a Leviathan: Decapitation, Borax, and Witchcraft.

Question: After the end of the show, who from the cast kept the Impala?
Answer: Jensen Ackles kept the Impala after the show finished filming.

Question: In the first episode of the second season, what is the official time of death of John?
Answer: John dies at 10.41 AM.

Question: Castiel is what kind of creature?
Answer: Castiel is an angel.

Question: What does Dean become in the first episode of season two?
Answer: Dean becomes a reaper in the first episode of the second season.

Question: Out of all the seasons, in which one did Crowley become the King of Hell?
Answer: He becomes the King of Hell in season five.

Question: In the 20th episode of the second season, what chore does Dean say he loves doing?
Answer: Dean says he loves mowing the lawn.

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Question: What angel used a human vessel named “Alfie” who worked at Weiner Hut?
Answer: Samandriel used a human vessel named Alfie.

Question: What hunter died while saving Sam and Dean from a hellhound?
Answer: Jo Harvelle died while saving the brothers from a hellhound.

Question: In which season of Supernatural is the angel Castiel first introduced?
Answer: Castiel is first introduced in season four of the show.

Question: The actor Misha Collins plays which character in the series?
Answer: He plays Castiel.

Question: Who played the role of John Winchester?
Answer: Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays the character of John Winchester.

Question: Which actor played the character of Dean Winchester?
Answer: Jensen Ackles plays the character of Dean.

Question: Who played the role of Mary Winchester?
Answer: Samantha Smith plays the role of Mary Winchester.

Question: Jared Padalecki played which character in the series?
Answer: Jared plays the role of Sam.

Question: Bobby Singer, who had his first appearance in the first season, is played by which actor?
Answer: Jim Beaver plays the role of Bobby.

Question: The role of Kevin Tran is played by which character?
Answer: Osric Chau plays the role of Kevin.

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Question: Mark Pellegrino played which role in the series?
Answer: Lucifer is played by Mark Pellegrino.

Question: Which actor plays the character of Crowley?
Answer: Mark Sheppard played the role of Crowley.

Question: When is Dean’s birthday?
Answer: Dean Winchester’s birthday is January 24, but Jensen Ackles, who portrays this character, was born March 1.

Question: Who is the creator of Supernatural?
Answer: Eric Kripke is the creator of the show.

Question: What kind of car does Dean drive?
Answer: Dean drives a black Chevy Impala.

Question: What is the name of Crowley’s mother?
Answer: Rowena is Crowley’s mother, even though the actress who plays her is older than him in real life.

Question: How is it that these two always have the money that they need for their multiple cell phones, weapons, research, laptops, suits, motel rooms, and of course, gas money for the car?
Answer: The only known sources of income for the Winchesters are credit card scams, poker games, and playing pool.

Question: What snack can Dean never leave a gas station without?
Answer: He never leaves the gas station without pie.

Question: What was the original concept of the show?
Answer: The original concept had a reporter going to investigate the urban legends and writing about them in his column, instead of having the Dean and Sam team up hunting concept.

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Question: Which is used to repel ghosts?
Answer: Salt is used to repel ghosts.

Question: Which character is known for saying “idjits”?
Answer: Bobby Singer is known for using this phrase.

Question: What does Dean wear that turns out to be an amulet used to find God?
Answer: He wears a necklace.

Question: What do they call the gun used to kill the yellow-eyed demon?
Answer: The gun is referred to as The Colt.

Question: What kind of degree was Sam trying to earn from Stanford?
Answer: He was trying to earn a law degree.

Question: Who steals Castiel’s grace?
Answer: Metatron steals his grace.

Question: Which creature uses Castiel to escape from Purgatory?
Answer: Leviathans use Castiel to escape from Purgatory.

Question: What do Sam and Dean think Gabriel is when they first meet him?
Answer: They think he is a trickster.

Question: Where were Sam and Dean born?
Answer: They were born in Kansas.

Question: Who does Dean get “the Mark” from?
Answer: He gets the mark of Cain.

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Question: Which of Sam’s girlfriends was burned on the ceiling?
Answer: Jessica Moore was burned on the ceiling.

Question: Which Winchester goes through the trials to shut the gates of Hell?
Answer: Sam goes through trials to shut the gates of hell.

Question: What is the name of Sam and Dean’s half-brother?
Answer: Adam is their half-brother.

Question: Which angel is Sam the vessel of?
Answer: Lucifer.

Question: Who manipulates Sam into releasing the Devil?
Answer: Ruby.

Question: Who hacks into Dick Roman’s email?
Answer: Charlie Bradbury.

Question: How does Bobby get paralyzed?
Answer: He stabs himself.

Question: How long was Dean given after making a deal to bring his brother back?
Answer: He was given one year.

Question: What creature does Crowley think will lead him to Purgatory?
Answer: An alpha.

Question: With whom does Dean try to start a family?
Answer: Lisa.

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Question: Who is God’s sister?
Answer: Amara is God’s sister.

Question: In season 1, episode 1, we find Sam at college. Dean shows up to let Sam know that their Dad is on a hunting trip. They set off to find him together. What town do Sam and Dean head to?
Answer: Jericho, California.

Question: Which supernatural being can be identified easiest through a CCTV camera?
Answer: Shapeshifters are easy to identify through CCTV cameras.

Question: How old were the brothers when their mom died?
Answer: Dean was four when his mother died and Sam was six months old.

Question: Which character steals supernatural items and sells them on the black market?
Answer: Bela Talbot steals supernatural items and sells them on the black market.

Question: There were a lot of creatures on the show over the first six seasons. How many episodes involved witches?
Answer: Four seasons.

Question: Which character comes back soulless?
Answer: Sam Winchester comes back soulless.

Question: John Winchester died in which episode(s)?
Answer: “In My Time of Dying” and “In the Beginning”.

Question: What kind of music is Supernatural known for?
Answer: Classic Rock.

Question: What were the brothers trying to prevent in season 4?
Answer: Lucifer rising.

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Question: The first six seasons of “Supernatural” also had some episodes with shifters. How many episodes?
Answer: Four episodes included shifters.

Question: Who brought Castiel back from Purgatory?
Answer: Naomi brought Castiel back from Purgatory.

Question: Which band plays on the radio in “No Exit” when Ellen and Dean are sitting in the front seats of the Impala?
Answer: Foreigner was playing on the radio.

Question: Meg Masters made an appearance in several episodes. In “Shadow”, Sam watched as Meg got dressed in her apartment. Meg had a tattoo on which part of her body?
Answer: She has a tattoo on her left shoulder.

Question: Which character says this? “What were you thinking shooting Casper in the face, you freak?”
Answer: Sammy says this line.

Question: What was Gordon’s last name?
Answer: Walker.

Question: Sam and Dean discovered that the angel Balthazar was selling heaven’s weapons in exchange for human souls in which episode?
Answer: “The Third Man.”

Question: Sam and Dean Winchester were named after which relatives?
Answer: Maternal grandparents.

Question: What is Sam’s birthday?
Answer: Sam Winchester’s birthday is May 2, but Jared Padalecki, who plays Sam, was born July 19.

Question: In which episode did Sam first discover he could move something with his mind, and Dean told his brother that, “As long as I’m around, nothing bad’s ever going to happen to you.”?
Answer: “Nightmare.”

Question: Which two characters in “Supernatural” shared the same birthdate?
Answer: Dean and Jessica.

Question: In the episode “The Benders”, what kind of car did the Sheriff’s brother drive?
Answer: Black Mustang.

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