30 Single People Reveal How A Friend Accidentally Turned Them On

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1. Ruffled my hair. It wasn’t that big a deal, but she was one of my close friends and that just… Wow.

2. At the school dance a friend who I had a crush on came over and sat on my lap, despite there being plenty of free chairs next to me, and just casually had a conversation.

3. Whisper in my ear! Instant boner.

4. I slept over my friend’s house because it was late and I didn’t feel like driving home. She walks out of the room to change into what she sleeps in, which was a sleeveless band shirt with holes in it. The armholes were stretched and showed side boob, no bra, and just underwear bottoms.

I made a move and we’re married now.

She insists to this day that she had no intention of seducing me. Its just what she’s comfortable sleeping in.

5. Have had several female friends bite me in a playful manner. Turned me on every single time.

6. I was once speaking to this customer and I couldn’t understand her because of her thick Russian accent, so my coworker stepped in and started speaking fluent Russian and I swear it was the hottest thing ever. I definitely have a thing for accents because that shit was Putin’ me in some type of mood. Fuck.

7. A colleague’s friend took care of my wounded knee during work. We were alone in the canteen and he was very sweet and caring. Guess I’m not used to that.

8. We were sleeping in the same bed after a night out at our friend’s flat and she told me to spoon with her because she was cold.

9. I remember a girl classmate friend liking the smell of my deodorant and just grabbing onto my arm and then proceeding to walk beside me.

10. Was colder out than I expected and I didn’t have a jacket. Wrapped his arms around me from behind.

11. She asked me to touch her thigh. She was very proud of them after working out. Little did she know I really like thighs. We’re engaged now.

12. “Choked” me playfully. Shocked the hell out of me.

13. In high school a girl I hung out with changed clothes in front of me on the basis that “well you’ve seen me in a bikini so whatever” and I was like YUPP.

14. A girl I became friends with on a school trip in high school fell asleep on my shoulders on the ride back. I’m 28 and I’m still coasting on that memory.

15. I always went by an abbreviation of my name, he was the only person to always use my full name. Dunno why, but always made me weak.

16. She was pulling me like aggressively but playfully. There came this weird comfort I had never felt even from my parents.

17. Sat beside each other. She lied her head down on my lap.

18. I was making coffee in my Aeropress for us and pressing slowly on the top of it like you’re supposed to, when she shouldered me over a little and leaned on my hand to push it down faster. It was cute as fuck and I’ll never forget it.

19. A group of us went to a firework display and during the louder and bigger finale fireworks she jumped, grabbed my arm tight, and didn’t let go. Not sure what happened inside me but yeah, that did it.

20. Have this friend of mine, one day at home while we were drinking with some other friends she started singing… at that moment I looked at her and didn’t just see my friend, I saw a very attractive young woman. I sometimes still see that moment when I look at her and shake the thought away.

21. A friend of mine I had a crush on sucked on my fingers, as a joke kinda. Then someone told her they do it in porn all the time and she never did it again.

22. My back is an erogenous zone for me! Whenever a friend of mine gets too huggy I need to quietly extract myself from them.

23. I was sitting shotgun, and he was messing with me in the chair behind me. Stuff like grabbing my shoulders, pinning me to the seat by shortening the seatbelt, stroking my hair. I was red but I didn’t tell him to stop.

24. Male friend of mine was responding to a question another friend asked and my eyes met with his. He gave me a quick wink which was never a thing he did and it caught me so off guard. I later caught myself giggling and swooning at the move.

25. Had a friend who got a tattoo on the back of her neck. Decided to kneel down in front of me so I could see it. Never been so happy for willpower in my life. Last thing I needed was her turning around to find a tent.

26. Writing their name on my hand/arm…. Extra points if they add a little heart.

27. Not very subtle but she spontaneously pulled her pants down to tan her legs while we were chilling outside. When she suggested doing it I was like, “Oh sure” assuming she had shorts on underneath – ha nope, Victoria’s Secret panties, I laughed and said, “DUDE WE’RE OUTSIDE,” but in truth god I was turned the hell on. She wasn’t the brightest friend but that’s what made hanging out with her so fun.

28. Pulled the collar of his shirt down and leaned his head to the other side because he wanted me to scratch his neck. I don’t know, I probably have some fetish for collar bones and necks.

29. Pet my head. I’m sensitive up there.

30. My crush felt my hoodie because it was soft. I don’t know. It felt weird and turned me on. God, I’m so lonely. TC mark

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  • October 20, 2020
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