30 TV Shows That Are Liked By Many But Don’t Deserve The Praise, According To Members Of This Online Group

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Knowing how many TV shows there are, it gets hard to pick that one funny or interesting show that is really worth watching. Have you ever experienced that situation when someone recommended you watch something and after you did, you were disappointed and questioning why people like this series so much? Having this in mind, one Reddit user was curious to find out which TV series that seem to receive the most praise are actually overrated. 

The post with 30.2k upvotes was soon turned into a list of various old and new TV shows that a lot of viewers saw as masterpieces, but some people found them to be overvalued and not that good. It included some of the all-time favorites such as Friends and Game of Thrones. Some users explained why some of the series are not so good, stressing some details of the plots. 

Which one of these series do you find overrated? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts and names that haven’t been mentioned in the comments down below! 

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#1Bust out the downvotes folks: The Super Bowl.

No continuity. They keep changing the main characters every god damn year, the central romantic arc between Tom Brady & everyone on Earth got stale real quick. Weirdest laugh track of any show on this list, guaranteed. The lack of female representation is beyond cringe.

Besides Tom Brady there isn’t a single female character for almost 30 seasons.

But the final straw for me was the way they killed off Kaepernick, finally get a character with real substance & kill him off b/c cancel culture has no f**king boundaries.


Image credits: Cverax23

#2The walking dead is something that always baffled me how it went beyond ~2 seasons.

They had the same loop of storyline repeated in every season – they run, they find shelter, they go out for food, someone gets bitten, they get overrun, they have to find somewhere new. Rinse and repeat for like 10 seasons.

Image credits: DanStFella

#3Greys anatomy – that show just needs to end.

Image credits: mm_84

#4How I Met Your Mother. Every episode glorifies Ted’s toxic behavior and makes it look romantic. I get so triggered watching that show

Image credits: Several-Till1393

#5If no one else will say it, I will. Squid game is WAY overhyped. I’ve seen people say it’s the best Netflix show or even the best Korean show. If people give other Asian media a chance they’ll find way better than automatically assuming that the first Asian show they see on Netflix is the best thing ever.

Image credits: Savy_lang

#6Game of thrones hands down, it left good threads hanging but never really stitched them into anything.

Image credits: Unreasonable_opinion

#7Most doctor/hospital shows. They can be ok for a while but they get predictable quickly and run for way too long.

Image credits: MemeBoi4545

#8The Big Bang Theory

I cannot stress this enough.

Image credits: WhatAboutPhilly

#913 reasons why

Image credits: iceterrapin


Image credits: Isaacasdreams

#11Gilmore Girls. Rory is a horrible person

Image credits: Hubble_bubble753

#12Suits – Most of the episodes consists of these high and mighty lawyers consistently running into ‘dead ends’, not knowing what to do, but they will be having a side conversation and the person they’re talking to makes one remark about something AND THAT’S IT, they have found their answers. Onto the next episode to do the same exact thing! It’s cheap writing and office drama, he said she said stuff.

Image credits: SatisfiedHuman

#13Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm. In reality, neither of them are funny.

Image credits: Drulock

#14This is coming as someone who loves anime and who’s favorite show is naruto. But it’s naruto. That show is great, and 45% filler episodes, do I need to say more?

Image credits: qmrk346

#15This is Us.

Intense emotional sensations to get your weekly cry in which is healthy sure but not the masterpiece everyone’s Mom makes it out to be.

Image credits: Kimbahlee34

#16Rick and Morty. It gets waaaay too much credit for a show filled with nonsense and fart jokes.

Image credits: theyfoundmeomg

#17How has noone said Sons Of Anarchy? It’s ridiculous. We are supposed to believe that their “club” is the most important thing to them all and they would do anything for their “brothers”. But they just kill each other.

It almost never shows why someone would want to be in that life.

We’re supposed to root for the main character because everyone loves him but all I could think was get those children away from this.

Image credits: ellajames88

#18BoJack Horsemen. People act like it’s some kind of masterful psychological deep dive. But it’s just another cheep adult comedy animated show.

Image credits: heardbutnotseen2

#19Firefly. I haven’t heard a single good thing about any season after the first.

Image credits: MikesPhone

#20It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Every character is deplorable and it just isn’t funny.

Image credits: treesfen

#21Oh, come on…there’s no debate here. I mean, does anyone beat ‘Money Hiest’?

Image credits: samyogs

#22Controversial opinion probably: Dexter. Outstanding 1st season. Then meh all the way to the end.

Image credits: levenspiel_s

#23Euphoria. It has impressive cinematography and is well acted. But the plot is all over the place and the characters are shallower than a shower . The only characters that have any depth and don’t come off too stereotypical is rue and Jules.

Its a poor man’s UK skins and a rich man’s US skins.

Image credits: the14thblackcat

#24The Mandalorian. Actors are bad, it’s always the same thing every single episode. Mando arrives at a planet, needs something from from the inhabitants, they agree to give it to him in exchange of a mission, he agrees, it doesn’t go smoothly, and eventually gets what he needed while baby Yoda does something unexpected (whether it be disappearing or using the force to prevent Mando from being killed).

Image credits: rojimbosweetpick


Edit: Dean-alings! I never said I don’t like the show, just that it is overrated in it’s praise! I love the first couple of seasons.

Image credits: CaniborrowaThrillho

#26The West Wing. S**t writing, frequently misogynistic, racist, homophobic and anti-progressive, and the milquetoast political takes have influenced an entire generation of liberal politicians to be a bunch of wieners that never accomplish anything. Admittedly the cast is great, except for Bradley Whitford, but everything else about that show is disgusting and to see it heralded as a political masterpiece makes me want to barf.

Image credits: Spacemanbyff

#27The office and parks and rec.

From that era, 30 rock is the masterpiece. Really though 30 rock is probably the best show since I love Lucy. Too bad it was so topical. Rewatching it shows it’s age

Image credits: FuturamaReference-

#28Brooklyn Nine-Nine – I know it’s not a masterpiece, but still -I honestly don’t understand why y’all think this s**ts hilarious.

Image credits: blasian-sensation

#29Breaking Bad.

Image credits: –Supremeleader–

#30Stranger things

Image credits: Locupletative

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  • November 2, 2021
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