Guy Shares His Incredible Landlord Story After Getting A Check For $2,500 As A ‘Share’ From Selling The House

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When you hear the word ‘landlord,’ odds are, your mind will automatically recoil because of some fairly negative associations. The fact is, when you’re a tenant, it can feel like your landlord has all the power in the world to make your life heaven or hell if they choose to. Though it can be fun to whine and moan about how awful and exploitative some of these landlords are from time to time, it completely ignores the reality that there are truly wonderful people renting their property out there. And Chris Robarge, from Worcester in Massachusetts, has the proof.

Earlier this week, Chris shared on Facebook how he was utterly surprised by how kind-hearted his former landlord was. In the emotional post, the man explained how the landlord sent him a check for 2,500 dollars after selling the house Chris had lived in for a while. It was, in his own words, the first place he called home after moving out after his divorce. The check was a thank-you from the landlord to every single tenant who lived there and contributed to the profit made from selling the house.

You’ll find Chris’ full story below, dear Pandas. Have a read and let us know whether you’re as shocked (in a completely positive way) as we are. Got any wholesome stories about landlords or tenants to share with us? Drop us a comment at the bottom of this article.

Chris urged others to be generous after sharing the story of how his former landlord sent him a check after selling their house

The man also had a wholesome update for us. He’s giving away most of the money to charity!

The check was for a whopping 2,500 dollars

And here’s the full letter that Chris’ landlord sent him

Chris’ post went viral in a flash. His story on Facebook had 7.4k likes, 3.6k shares, and over 560 comments at the time of writing. What’s more, the story also spread to Imgur where it got a further 4k upvotes.

After going viral, Chris had an update to the story. He said that he’ll be giving away the vast majority of the money to charity and those people who need the cash more than he does. The man also said that he hopes this will inspire others to do what they can to spread kindness and make the world a better place.

Sarah Vero from ‘Action for Happiness’ previously explained to me that what we do for others makes up a large part of our own happiness. So in being altruistic and spreading joy, we’re not only making others happy, we’re also laying the foundations for our own happiness.

“Think about how you can reach out and do things for others, help a neighbor or volunteer for a cause, we get a happiness high from helping other people. Or start small and simply list three things that you can be grateful for each night before bed. Take it slow and be kind to yourself, the world is starting to open up but go at the pace that feels good for you,” Sarah told Bored Panda what we can do to move out of the pandemic mode we’ve been in as the world opens up in some places.

Chris’ story warmed many an internet user’s heart

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