How to Successfully Cast a Love Spell

Love spells are an excellent way to strengthen bonds between lovers. You can perform these spells at home with common, household items. There are even spells that will work without any ingredients at all! Whether you want to work alone or get help from a professional spell caster, you’ll see results quickly. Here is everything you need to know about how to cast a love spell:

What is a love spell?
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Love spells can bring two strangers closer together or help a couple strengthen their bond. You can use certain spells to find a new lover or bring an ex back to you.

However, the spell won’t mean your ex will automatically want a relationship with you again. It will simply reduce negative energy between you and leave room for reconciliation.

The same rule applies when searching for new lovers. Magic cannot force two people together or force attraction that does not exist. It can only help strengthen bonds that are already present.

How to cast a love spell:
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Love spells can be cast in different ways and with different materials. Depending on what you want to accomplish with the spell, you will need different items. However, spell casting ingredients are all easy to access. Common ingredients include candles, paper, pencils, tarot cards, cell phones, and plants. There are even some spells that don’t require any ingredients at all!

Top love spells to cast:
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Casting a love spell isn’t as tricky as it sounds. You can find plenty of love spells online. If you’re interested in casting love spells that work, look no further! Here are some free love spells and instructions on how to cast them:

Honey Jar Spell

For centuries, witches used honey in their magic spells. Honey is sweet, so it encourages two people to act sweetly toward each other. In order to cast a honey jar spell, all you need is honey, a piece of paper, a pencil, and a single candle.

1 – Write your names.

Start by writing the name of your crush on the paper three times. Then turn the paper ninety degrees and write your name three times. Make sure your name overlaps with your crush’s name. Now, focus on what you want to accomplish with your love spell. Write your wish around your names without lifting your writing utensil from the paper.

2 – Put the names in a jar.

When you’re finished, place your paper in a jar filled with honey. Then speak this intonation: “Just like this honey is sweet. That’s how he/she will be for me.” After licking honey from your fingers, seal the jar with the paper inside.

3 – Light a candle.

Finally, light a candle on top of the jar. Make sure you choose a color that corresponds with what you want to accomplish. Use red for passionate love, pink for general love, brown for business purposes, and white for general purposes. Once the candle burns all the way down, store it in a secret spot. Then light a new candle every week on the same day.

Pink Candle Spell

Witches use pink candles because they represent spirituality and love. For this love spell, you need paper, your favorite colored pen, and a pink candle.

1 – Write your names down.

Start by placing yourself in a calm, quiet room on a Friday night. Then light your candle and write the first and last name of your love on the paper. Draw a single circle around the full name, then close your eyes and visualize yourself with this person. Picture how happy you would be together.

2 – Speak the right words.

Next, repeat this intonation three times in a row: “Our fate is sealed. We are one. It is done.” Stay near the pink candle until the flame burns out. Make sure you don’t blow it out yourself, or you’ll break the spell. Repeat this ritual for seven nights in a row.

Red Candle Spell
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This spell will help you and your ex reunite. You will need a red candle, a photograph of your ex, honey, paper, and a pencil.

1 – Light the candle.

Start by lighting the red candle and watching the flame for two minutes. Then stare at the photograph and imagine the two of you making amends. Next, write your name on the paper beside your ex’s name and draw a circle around them. Drop honey on your names while saying: “I wish you come back to me with this spell, to tighten up our connection forever.”

2 – Bury the paper in your garden.

Once you’re finished, you can meditate to get rid of any unwanted feelings. Then blow out the candle, tear up the paper, and bury the pieces in your garden. Repeat the spell for two more nights with the same candle.

Marriage Spells

Spathiphyllum is a type of plant with white flowers, which are symbolic of a wedding dress. This is fitting since this spell is meant for couples who are in the early days of their relationship.

1 – Write your names.

First, write your dreams for your relationship on a piece of paper. Then roll it up and tie it with a white string. Next, place it at the bottom of the pot where you’re going to plant your spathiphyllum. Once you move the plant into the pot, place it in a location where you and your partner have beautiful memories.

2 – Take photographs.

This next step involves a camera or your phone. You need to take a photograph of yourself and a separate photograph of your partner. Roll them up and place your photo on the right side of the plant. Place your partner’s photo on the left side of the plant.

3 – Water your plant.

Now, water the plant until it grows a flower. Cut the flower off once it blooms, place it in a napkin, and dry it. Divide the flower into three equal parts and place one piece in a cup with natural teas and sugars. Stir the tea clockwise while saying: “Be my husband, be my husband, be my husband!” Or chant “Be my wife, be my wife, be my wife!” Then offer the tea to your partner and make sure they drink every drop.

Repeat this ritual for two more days. If it does not work, then wait for a new lunar cycle and try again.

Herbal Harmony Tea Spell

This is a reconciliation spell that actually includes your partner. Unlike most rituals, which should be kept a secret, you should be together in the same room. For this spell, you will need chamomile tea, a pink candle, and some water. Chamomile will keep away unwanted energy. It has soothing properties that will relieve negative feelings.

1 – Boil tea and light the candle.

First, you’re going to put on your kettle. While the water is boiling, you should light your pink candle. Take three deep breaths with your partner. Make sure you’re in a good mental state without any dark thoughts in your heads. Enjoy each other’s company and be present.

2 – Drink your tea while reciting a chant.

As soon as the water is done boiling, add one tea bag or one tablespoon of loose leaves to the water. Pour their cup first, then pour your cup. Let both cups sit for at least two or three minutes. Then say these words: “May this ritual bring harmony and comfort to the relationship we have. May our bond be forever warm, as is the water in our cups.” Look each other in the eyes as you sip from your tea. Enjoy the silence and the candlelight as you finish your cups. Once you’re finished, clean the mugs and pot together.

Small, Easy Love Spells
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Here are some love spell that don’t involve as many steps. They’re easy to do in your own home:

Zero-Ingredient Love Spell

Love spell casting doesn’t have to be complicated. Visualization can change your life — and you don’t need any ingredients to use this method. On a Friday night during a full moon, imagine yourself with the person you want to date. Repeat this ritual once a month during a full moon to see results.

Emoji Love Spell

Figure out your intention and how you can describe it with a single emoji. Next, create a meaningful message and sandwich the emoji on both ends. Then post this somewhere on your phone, like in your drafts. This should encourage your crush to text you sometime soon.

Tarot Card Spell

This spell will encourage your crush to send you a text message. For this spell, you need your phone and the Tarot cards Queen and Lovers. Place the Lovers card on your phone and say: “May the person I truly love send me a text message.” Then place the Queen over the Lovers card and repeat: “May the person I truly love send me a text.”

Phone Spell

Grab a piece of paper and draw two pictures on it. One image should represent you and the other should represent your lover. Underneath the drawings, write the person’s name. Then write the wish, or what you want this person to do for you. Fold the paper three times and place it underneath your phone. Then carry this paper around with you as much as you can.

Love Letter Spell

To cast love spells, sometimes all you need is a love letter. Before heading to bed, write a love letter out in red pen. Then fold the letter and place it under your phone. Say: “Send this letter to my beloved. Let him know that I love him. Once delivered, send me a text message the holder of my heart.” The spell works better if you keep repeating those words until you fall asleep.

Sigil Spell

Draw a sigil on a large sheet of paper or cardboard. A sigil is an inscribed or painted symbol considered to have magical power. Meditate on it for as long as possible. Make sure you don’t think any negative thoughts during this time.

Full Moon Love Ritual

Write out what you want in a partner very carefully. Make sure you’re specific. Then have a ceremony in your home during the full moon. You can do this however you wish, but it helps to light a candle and have corresponding crystals or herbs involved. During the ritual, simply think about your intentions and try to manifest what you want.

Tips for casting powerful love spells:
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Do make sure your love and intentions are pure.

You can’t force the wrong person to fall in love with you. Love is a choice. You need to be a good match in order for the spells to work. A person can’t use black magic for evil purposes. You can only use white magic to create positive energy.

Do believe in magic.

You need to have faith in the process in order to see results. If you’re skeptical and have negative thoughts, then your spells are bound to fail.

Do cast spells at the right time.

Timing is important. Fridays are the best days to cast spells because Venus day is a Friday. The New Moon is also a great day because the new moon brings about fresh opportunities.

Do not let anyone see you casting these spells, or they will be ineffective.

Love spells need to be completed in private. You don’t want to cast a love spell with anyone else around. You also don’t want them to find any candles or photographs you use with your love spells. Make sure you keep your rituals a secret in order for the spell to work.

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