New York Post Shames NY Medic Who ‘Made Ends Meet’ With OnlyFans, She Replies

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Anything and everything for a story, morals and decency be damned, right? The dark side of journalism has shown its ugly head again recently after the New York Post revealed the identity of a paramedic who has been sharing “racy” photos and videos on OnlyFans just to survive.

According to the 23-year-old paramedic, the NYP ran the article and revealed her name without her consent, shaming her for doing what she has to in order to not go hungry and so she can pay her rent on time. However, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stepped in and gave the NYP hell for what they did. Meanwhile, the paramedic stated on social media that she does not have an OnlyFans account anymore. However, a friend of her’s started up a Go Fund Me campaign to make sure that she can make ends meet in case she loses her job over the “scandal” because of the article. At the time of writing, the campaign had raised over 65k dollars for the medic.

The situation highlights a few different but very important problems. First of all, the main issue is that some paramedics need to get a second job just to survive. Secondly, it brings up the question of why people are still shaming medical professionals for what they do in their spare time. Finally, it shows the predatory side of journalism where editorial pressure and false promises can lead to broken lives.

The New York Post caused a lot of controversy after revealing the identity of a paramedic who wanted to stay anonymous

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Even Congreswoman AOC reacted to the NYP story and gave them a piece of her mind

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Image credits: AOC

The paramedic gave her side of the story and explained the hell that she’s been through recently

AOC taking the time to defend the paramedic shows that some members of Congress really do care about their constituents. The question is: what will AOC do next to make sure something similar doesn’t happen again? She’s spoken about stimulus checks, small business relief, and hospital funding, but whether or not changes will come is another question entirely.

Now, we’re not defending the NYP for what they did, but the anger that a lot of people feel right now should be aimed at the company, the executives, and the system in general, not just at the reporter who interviewed the paramedic. He’s the easy, obvious target. For all we know, the reporter could have been pressured into getting the interview by their editor and had no executive say over whether or not the story runs. Or it could be the opposite.

The fact is—there’s a second, hidden story here, and it’s about the lack of agency a lot of journalists have over what they get to write and what they say. Frustrated with a particular story in the media? Dig a little deeper and you’ll see a lot of frustration on the reporter’s part, too.

However, at the forefront is still the everyday hell that paramedics in New York and elsewhere go through during the pandemic. Risking their lives. Working until they’re exhausted. Getting flak for having a life outside the hospital. Not saints—just everyday heroes. With very human limits and a very simple desire not to be named when asking for anonymity.

Here’s what other people thought about the controversial story and the NYP’s journalistic practices

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