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TL;DR: As of Feb. 13, The 2022 All-In-One Piano & Musician Training Bundle is on sale for just $28.90 with the code VDAY2022, which will slash 98% off its value of $1,600.

If you have no one to spoil this Valentine’s Day, why not spoil yourself? If you’ve been wanting to learn to play an instrument, an extra 15% off of these already-discounted music lessons should seal the deal.

The All-In-One Piano and Musician Training Bundle includes eight full-length courses and over 520 lessons on playing a variety of instruments, writing and producing songs, and even marketing in the music business. And as of Feb. 13, you can get lifetime access to the whole bundle for under $30.

It begins with Pianoforall, an innovative approach to learning piano from Robin Hall. He kicks things off by teaching you rhythm style piano, then takes you step-by-step into ballad-style, blues, jazz, ragtime, and improv.

Not feeling the piano? That’s cool; check out the guitar courses instead. Two beginner courses from Dan Dresnok, a session guitarist with over two decades of experience, will help you wrap your head around the six-stringed wonder. You’ll get lessons on basic chords, strumming, reading music, and more. 

For those more interested in music theory or composition, there’s plenty of lessons to keep you busy for hours — including a two-part guide to music theory in Ableton Live 11. You’ll look at scales, chord progressions, and harmonies, while building up your musical vocabulary along the way.

Treat yourself to the music lessons you’ve been putting on the back burner for Valentine’s Day. With lifetime access, you’ll be able to work through the training completely on your own schedule. A $1,600 value, you can sign up for the All-in-One Piano and Musician Training Bundle for just $28.90 with the code VDAY2022 at checkout.

Prices subject to change.

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Credit: Dan Dresnok

The 2022 All-In-One Piano & Musician Training Bundle
$28.90 at the Mashable Shop with code VDAY2022

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