What My Very First Writing Desk Looked Like

What My Very First Writing Desk Looked Like

Ah, my first desk. I suppose I feel about it like most teenage boys feel about their first cars.

Recently, I was digging through old family photo albums (you know, the non-digitized kind) in search of something I wanted for my upcoming course How to Write Amazing Character Arcs. While in the midst of all those Fujifilm artifacts of my childhood, I stumbled on a snapshot my mom had taken of me at my very first desk. (Aww! How cute!) 

Me at my first desk at age 13.

The calendar says it was taken in February 1999, which would have made me thirteen. A year earlier I had started a newsletter called Horse Tails, which was, of course, about horses. I wrote it for five years, through high school, during which time I ground out 60 issues and almost three times that many short stories and articles.

Horse Tails Newsletter

Below is a closer look at my desk. Hover your cursor over the pic and click on the black dots to get more info. (If you’d like to see what my desk looks like these days, click here).

Let’s chat! Do you remember your first desk? What treasures were on it? Tell me in the comments!

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  • July 23, 2019
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