Where do you write?

📝 This Week’s Goal: Find one way to update your writing space to reduce distraction and inspire creativity.

In a year when most of us were confined to our homes, our writing environments might have changed quite a bit. Where coffee shops and coworking spaces may have once been bastions of inspiration, life is different in 2020.

We can all find encouragement that most authors interviewed for Write Now write from home. Andy Weir writes in a spare bedroom while Sarah Knight writes overlooking her pool. In a truly curious move, Clyve Rose writes in her bathroom!

There is no right or wrong place to write. Find a place that is comfortable and inspiring. And, if you do write in the bathroom, at least make sure it’s clean.

💬 Where do you write? Leave a comment and let us know. If you’re fearless, share a picture!

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  • December 23, 2020
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