Will Anyone Read Your Writing?

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World Book Day was last Friday. Created by the United Nations, the annual celebration of books falls on April 23. It’s an ode to writers, books, and international copyrights. Yeah. It’s a little strange. Though odd, World Book Day is a great excuse to talk about books. Specifically, whether people actually read them or not.

In 2017 I ranted on the lack of reading in modern society. Our culture of consumption moved us away from comprehension. I admit, my ideas were a little half-baked. Today I read Elle Griffin’s excellent article from January, No One Will Read Your Book. Through research, interviews, and tons of data, Elle highlights what I never could: the state of publishing today is, well, complicated.

I wholeheartedly believe there is room for books in our society. The question is how those books get to the people who read them. Elle’s article points out several options, including a unique one she is attempting (seriously, read her article). To all novelists and book writers, how do you find your paying audience? What tips can you share with the community?

💬 How do you get your words in front of paying eyes?

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  • April 28, 2021
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